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Raúl López

Raúl López Herrera (1948) Zacatecas, México


Artist Statement

One of my objectives is to use technology with aesthetic purposes related to painting. My very first motivation was to learn about Synesthesia, the relationship between sound and color, as contained in the Theosophical teachings. In one of the local universities I studied light and its sources which gave me a scientific approach to this matter.

During the 70s decade I learned, through trial and error, the use of the cinematographic language and also learned the several steps of film production, this by producing more than 100 films and videos with different objectives in mind.

At the very beginning of my career I was influenced by the independent films produced in the United States during the 70s, in its general purpose of producing works with aesthetic objectives in mind not found in the films produced by the American entertainment industry. I found very motivational the several thesis contained in the book “Expanded Cinema” written by Gene Youngblood in 1970.

By the 80s I sponsored a number of international film festivals and I also curated Mexican independent film packages to be screened in California, USA; this activity allowed me to become acquainted with a number of filmmakers and also to see experimental films of amazing beauty; I was also able to see films produced outside the film industry in Spain and France.

In 2004 I became a cultural entrepreneur opening my own space: “The Cellar” located in a historical building. In this space a number of cultural activities are developed throughout the year.

In 2012 I designed and published the book “The magic of the moment” (1977-2012), it contains one hundred photographs and digital designs of my creation. In recent years I have worked with graphic design packages to produce digital graphics as well as abstract designs and I have also worked with video editing packages to produce video art works.


Digital Graphics (2015-2020)

I am interested in everyday people in the streets, when I photograph them I always try to be undercover, I want spontaneity and not posed photos. I don to become a judge: I do not blame social injustice neither divine punishment, I am only an observer. When taking a picture I consider it only the first step, later on with the graphic design package I isolate the main character and I add simple elements: a blue sky, the moon, clouds and sometimes reminiscences of Pre Hispanic ruins; Through this process I add dramatism and I give a metaphysical meaning to everyday human activities.


Additional information

Contemporary Mexico is a mixture of millenary native cultures and the western civilization brought by Spanish conquerors in the XV century. After 500 years still many ethnic groups still exist throughout the country, they did not accept the imposed values and they have preserved their Cosmo vision, their own artistic/ religious expressions and even their own social organization. The colorful many cultural manifestations by which Mexico is known all over the world come from these ethnic groups. Mexico shares a 3000 kilometers border with the United States and its influence has been very important in many aspects.



Going South

Light Jet printing on Kodak Endura paper

professional high fine art quality

50 x 70 cm

framed black

Available works




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