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Marcia Lorente Howell 

Marcia is a Californian-Spanish oil on canvas painter living in New York's West Village. She has exhibited in Madrid, Milan, New York and the Hamptons, her art has been turned into cashmere scarves sold at luxury retailer Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong. Marcia is an impressionist who paints on the floor and at such rapid fire, she captures a view to an eternal New York as if seen through a speeding window cab or the beach in Montauk. “I’m a surfer, I paint surf and sunsets off photos I took of places I love. I'm seeking to catch the feeling of a perfect moment. I want to cause an effect on the viewer like they're riding on a wave". Marcia grew up in Madrid which has no beach, so she took to painting the ocean as a kid as a means to treasure her summers in Encinitas and Málaga. She was trained at the Madrid Royal Academy of Fine Arts and by her two grandmothers, one was a student of Sorolla. Marcia says she wouldn't be a painter without Pollock, Rothko, Picasso, Van Gogh, and if Monet hadn't decided to paint the sky the color of butter. Her art requires to be seen, moves with the eye and fills a room. Fast brushstrokes both delicate and raw, translucent and thick, crash and light up large canvases like a good sunset would. “I paint to catch that life force behind everything. I believe in art's power to transform our perception of reality in a physical way. It's an unconscious language our body recognizes". Marcia is also a social and environmental activist who owns an art gallery in New York City dedicated to promoting exceptional (women) artists and creating more diversity in the arts.


West Village Sunset

oil on canvas

76 x 100 cm

Available works




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