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Greta Lorimer 

Artist Statement

To me Photography and Philosophy are two sides of the same coin. Both are rooted in a deep interest in the human understanding of life. Lately, I’m interested in using photography as a performative and introspective tool to explore the narratives that occur on the threshold between the human inner world and the outside world. I often adopt metaphoric performances, the surreal and the oneiric to tell and visualize untold thoughts, feelings, states of mind and unseen stories. In my photographic practice, I always take my own self and intimacy – conceived as personal space(s) and perceptions, as personal relationships and experiences – as starting points to deepen and to explore both visually and emotionally, in order to widen the horizon to other realities with a different awareness.


Introduction to “An ordinary story”

The living together creates a parallel world, where public and private end up to be somehow intertwined. Through these self-portraits, I explored the introspective potentialities of the performance, conceiving the relationship with my partner as a journey, a creative reciprocity amongst the one, the other and the space. Starting from our own experience as a couple, I adopted an absurd language to metaphorically investigate possible dynamics that may occur within couples’ relationships and everyday lives. The presence of specific books in each image aims to suggest a further narrative layer and a bridge to face the traps of the daily routine, towards deep introspections and paradoxical figurative outcomes. We set symbolic scenes conceiving the couple and the living together as stories, as “spaces” of utopias and dystopias, of dreams and unforeseen circumstances, of support, contrast and role-shifts. Questioning the possible links amongst the absurd, the oneiric, the everyday objects, the everyday spaces and the inner dynamics, we travelled throughout an ordinary story where all the imaginable can be dreamt, set and performed.



Greta Lorimer is an Italian artist based in the UK. She graduated with a BA in Philosophy from University La Sapienza of Rome. She then moved to the UK where she pursued a MA Photography at Brighton University. She has been selected as one of the graduates emerging talents UK 2018 by Barbican Centre Curator Alona Pardo at Source Magazine that published one of her pictures. Greta is one of the artists featured in the Fast Forward research project @womeninphoto and in the online gallery LoosenArt. She has exhibited in Rome, Brighton, London and she will exhibit as part of Paris Photo Off in November 2019. She is part of the digital and printed publication “Homeland” edited and curated by Revolv Collective London. The book has been presented at Sofia Art Week Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria. Greta will be part of the issue 14 of Openeye Magazine France that will be presented in November at Salon de la Photo in Paris 2019.


Greta Lorimer - Romeo and Juliet


Romeo and Juliet

28 x 41 - frame included

self-portrait shot with digital full frame camera

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