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Karl Weiming Lu 

Artist Statement

Karl W. Lu is an Hangzhou, China born Australian and global artist based on Sydney who exhibits and publishes his artworks globally. He was a pioneer of Chinese Elite Students Movement of early 1980s, and a civil engineer and building designer in Hangzhou, China, between 1983 – 1991; during the time, Lu also worked for The New Art magazine of China Academy of Art and participated the significant “85 New Wave Art Movement”. In 1991, Lu relocated to Australia to have his postgraduate studies in philosophy and international studies at The University of Wollongong and The University of Sydney respectively; and then he further achieved triple Master’s degrees in Art, Design, and Architecture from UNSW Australia; besides he also completed some core courses in business and finance from The Securities Institute of Australia. He has returned to art practice professionally since 2000 and exhibits all over the world in Australia, China, Japan, USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Denmark, Ukraine, Dubai of UAE, and Singapore, etc. During 2008 – 2010, Karl Lu taught visual arts in Sydney. Since 2012, Lu has also become a leading art critic on contemporary Chinese art with top art web media in China.


Educational & Career Background and Experience

1980 – 83: B. Engineering (civil), Zhejiang University of Science and technology, China

1984 – 91:Civil Engineer & Building Designer, Hangzhou, China

1985 – 87: Dip. Science (Psychology), China Academy of Science

1991 – 92: Graduate Dip. Arts (Philosophy), The University of Wollongong, Australia

1993 – 95: Graduate Dip. International Studies, The University of Sydney, Australia

2003 – 07: Master of Art, Master of Design, and Master of Architecture, The University of New South Wale, Australia

2008 – 10: Taught visual arts in Sydney, (2008 – 2010)

2000 - : Professional Artist


Exhibitions: here only list most recent exhibitions and publications:


Solo Exhibitions

July 2015, Karl W. Lu Solo Exhibition, Art Space on the Concourse, Sydney, AUSTRALIA

May 2015, Karl Weiming Lu Recent Paintings, Andre Zarre Gallery, New York, USA

July 2014, Karl W. Lu Solo Art Show, Art Space on the Concourse, Sydney, AUSTRALIA


International Art Fairs & Group Exhibitions

April 2019, 5th Enter into Art International Exhibition, Bonn, Germany

Dec. 2018, Spectrum Miami, Art Basel Miami Week, Florida, USA

Nov. 2018, The Global Art Awards Exhibition, Dubai, UAE

Oct. 2018, We Contemporary Art Show, MUSEUM of Jobs Foundation, Palermo, Italy

Oct. 2018, The Rich List Art Weekend Exhibition, Singapore

Sep. 2018, European Art Museum 2018 Collections Exhibition, Denmark

April 2018, Art Expo New York, NY, USA

April 2018, ATIM Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art Exhibition, New York, NY, USA

Dec. 2017, Spectrum Miami, Miami, Florida, USA

Oct. 2017, ADAF / Annual Dutch Art Fair 2017, ADAF Gallery, Dutch

Oct. 2017, Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition 2017, meetiNG Gallery, Portugal

September 2017, Segnalati Berlin, Art Gallery “InArte Werkkunst” of Belin, Germany

June 2017, Art Fair Málaga 2017, Spain

June 2017, International Fine Art Biennial Basel 2017, Basel, Switzerland

March 2017, 2nd International Modern Art Austria Biennial 2017, Vienna, Austria

Dec. 2016, Artblend Gallery, Spectrum Miami, Miami, Florida, USA

Dec. 2016, Barcelona International Contemporary Art Fair 2016, Museu Maritm, Spain


International Awards

Nov. 2018, The Global Art Awards Final Listed Artist, Dubai, UAE

April 2018, Art Tour International Magazine Top 60 Masters Awards, New York, USA

Dec. 2017, Premio Internazionale d'Arte Award, Accademia 'Italia in Arte nel Mondo' Associazione Culturale, Italy

May 2017, The Master for the talented artistic commitment, Bienal De Arte Barcelona, Spain



Karl W. Lu, The 33 Artists to Follow, Collectors Edition, MTA Books, 2019, UK

Karl Weiming Lu, THE BEST Modern and Contemporary ARTISTS, EA Editore, 2018, Italy

Karl W. Lu, European Art Museum 2018 Collections Exhibition, 2018, Denmark (Those Karl Lu’s art works had been published before 2018 are omitted to be listed here, …..)



[1] A Premium Plus Member of National Association for the Visual Arts, Australia

[2] Member, Asian Australian Artists Association

[3] Member, ACSME, Australia China SME Association


Origin @ The Flow of Universal Clouds Z

(Origin Series 2010 - 2018)

acrylic on canvas 60 x 45 cm

Available works




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