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Esther Luthi

Artist Statement

First I worked out my paintings in my own as a young girl autodidact in listening to music and creating coloured compositions of all kind with refined feelings. People around wondered about what I was doing in painting fantastic dreams. Because I loved art and music, I did some studies in history of art and music at different universities in Switzerland and Paris.  Indeed, living more than twenty years near Montmartre in Paris, I was inspired by the artistic area of the famous place. So I started to practice art and music and participated in several art workshops or Academies in Paris. A very important and interesting experience in artistic relationships, as well as refined technics of sketches, design and different kind of paintings and gravings,  were my studies of the nudes. It was a great discovery of the body shape into light and shadow effects. Never I felt such a peaceful, delicate, wonderful and impressive mood of working out artistic creations even elaborated in colours.



1956 born in Zurich (CH) 1978 Diploma of Pedagogy at the University Zurich (CH): design (ETH)

1987 LIC. PHIL. I at the university Zurich (CH): science of art and music

1993 Diploma DEA at the Sorbonne Paris I : History of Modern Art and Architecture (IFA)

1995 Certificate of basically formation in drawing in Switzerland (ZH)

1999 Certificate of the formation in Art-therapy multi-expressions: Association « Puzzle » in Lille (F)

2000 Publication of a biography dedicated to the Swiss painter Hans-Ruedi Sieber (CH/ZH)

2001-5 Formation in painting and drawing by the artist Alexander Barbera

2002-18 Studies in different art-workshops for fine arts into the association ACTISCE in Paris



1978 Museum of arts and crafts (ZH/CH)

2000 Gallery of art Isander Mahe in Paris

2003 Hotel Ibis Villette in Paris

2000-17 Salon for the artists of the community of the town in Paris: Laureate First Price 2016 (Aquarelle)

2005-18 Gallery Thuillier in Paris: three diplomas of honour from the French- Japanese Association/participation in the museum Okinawa/ diploma of honour from the cultural center in Cambodge

2017-18 Art-shopping: Paris, New York, Montreux, Deauville

2018 Galerie BDMC Art-expo at the gallery « Kunstraub99 » of Cologne in Germany

2018 ARTEXPO Autumn Rome 2018 at the Domus Romana Art Gallery


A breath of air in the room requires human sensation

acrylic on canvas

47 x 57 cm


Available works




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