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Expiration Date

My name is M. I’m an Arab Woman born to a family that believes and follows the Christian belief as well as Arabic traditions.

Currently I’m in love with a girl from a conservative non-Christian family and from a different country. The consequences will be extreme if both our families figure out that we are in a relationship. Therefore, we are in an extremely secretive love story that we are forced to hide from the world. “Expiration Date” is the time period that we have together until we both go back to our countries.

This topic is important because if I could I would hold my girlfriend’s hand and scream to the whole universe that she is the love of my life.

Unfortunately, our culture does not understand the power of love and most importantly our culture does not understand that we do not choose who to love. Instead, our culture taught us that family comes above all, that family reputation is severely important to be respected. So, at the end of the day, I suffer within myself. I have to let her go, because it doesn’t harm me personally to be with her publicly but it will harm my families image in the community. However, this love is also much stronger than all the rules and “laws” of a culture and religion combined. There is always a way for everything, and this is my way of telling the world that we do not find love, but rather love finds us. It falls on our laps without knocking on our doors, and we should never run away from it, we should never be scared to fall in love. We shall love, love till our hearts are about to explode and if it ends it ends in respect to time but not in the heart.

Every experience in life, good or bad, is a growing experience to ourselves. It’s how we perceive. I would die happy knowing that I was once loved by her because I have found my spirituality in her, my deep connection and love with the surrounding world came by loving her and being loved by her.

The project consists of me photographing my girlfriend in the bedroom. In this sense I like to think of my photographs as inner and emotional space we live together, the only place where we can be free lovers. The photographs are of her body because I wanted to show how she is around me, how sensual I see her, but also because I the viewer will never be able to see her face clearly. That was a choice to give the viewer a feeling of our secretive relationship as well as mystery.

To be clear, I didn’t wake up one day and said it is ok for me to lose her later, I didn’t wake up smiling daily knowing that at some point I have to let her go, I lose my sanity and brain daily by the thought of that. But then I realised that there is an end to everything. There will always be an end, regardless of wanting it or not.


Forever a Part of Me


70 x 100 cm

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