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Candelaria Magliano

Celebration of Bewilderment

The series proposed here tackles the arrival of a child as a revolutionary event inside existence, a hurricane that destroys all boundaries and wisdom of all types, known until then. Suddenly, in an increasingly egocentric world, where the focus is on the I/Reason/Control, a work that invites us to reflect upon the beauty entailed in giving in to love is as welcome as it is necessary.

I planted a tree that bore fruit, and I enjoyed many books. Till then, an order and a sense. And there came a child, my child. Now I am with others; my well-being depends not just on me, and me alone, but on the joyful existence of others. So simple, so clear, so fragile. So difficult it is to quieten the voice in bur head. What is to be done with has been learnt? With the unresolved issues? With the goals set?


To surrender your body and your soul, to dispel anxiety; there is no other manipulation or speculation possible other than surrender.

To lay down weapons and shields

I ran out of ideas; there is no book to go by; I lost my mind; I’m at sixes and sevens and the ducks are no longer in a row. The clocks went nuts and I am con-fused in a land of happy-go-lucky

I am very much off (my known) limits, to a point in which the world has turned:

Unpredictable, surreal, prodigious

I lose focus, I get disconcerted, I slip and I surrender myself: It turns out that –despite all the doubting, all the daily collisions, all the internal and external chaos– it is wonderful.

Hallelujah! Let’s celebrate!

Candelaria Magliano (Córdoba, Argentina)


Candelaria Magliano was born in Argentina, 1976



Diploma in Digital photography and Degree in Communication Sciences. I got my degree in 2008 with the thesis "Child labor through some photographs". In this research I inquire about the concept of childhood as a social construction, the legal implications and the possibility of photography to show concrete social situations. Currently, I am pursuing a Master in Communication and Contemporary Culture at the Advanced Studies Center from the National University of Cordoba.



Teacher in the chairs of Photojournalism in the course of Communication Sciences at the National University of Villa Maria, Hyper Photography (optional subject) and workshops of Documentary Photography and Creative Photography Since 2016, I am taking part in Collective VeoVeo, visual education.



With my work I have participated in salons, prizes and individual and collective exhibitions in local, national and international settings.

Now I am working on:

Este (a)mar -fine art- Essay about love.

Im-propias. Essay about gender-based violence, its traces and ways of memory and resistance.

Documentary photography 



2017 Moonlight. María Elena Kravetz Gallery. Cordoba. Argentina

Inevitable. Cultural Space Women Museum, Cordoba. Argentina

2015 Praise of Stubbornness/ Lob der Verunsicherung. Birschel Mühle, Hattingen. Germany.

2014 Moonlight. Cultural Center Hector Tizon. Jujuy. Argentina. 2011 Rice Pudding. Photogallery Buen Pastor. Cordoba. Argentina.

2010 Celebration of Puzzlement. La Metro, School of Visual Arts. Cordoba. Argentina. -



2019 VI Festival Mirades. Torroela de Montgrí. España

2019 Celebration of Puzzlement. Art Palm Springs. California, USA.

2016 Salon 5th Prize of Contemporary Photography AAMEC. Provincial Museum of Fine Arts, Emilio Caraffa. Cordoba, Argentina.

2016 "I focus on my rights". Collective VeoVeo. Visual Education. Cordoba. Argentina

2016 The hug. Father and son. PRAE, Environmental Education Center. Valladolid, Spain

2015 Transatlantic. Latin America is a town to the south of the United States. House of America. Madrid, Spain.

2014 Moonlight. Museum Dr. Genaro Perez. Cordoba, Argentina.

2013 Celebration of Puzzlement. Image Festival Foto13 Tlaxcala, Mexico.

2012 The Passion. Recoleta Cultural Center. Buenos Aires, Argentina



2018 Post Grade Grant (II). Studies: Master in Communication and Contemporary Culture. National University of Villa Maria. Research Institute of Social Sciences. Argentina.

2017 Post Grade Grant (I). Studies: Master in Communication and Contemporary Culture. National University of Villa Maria. Research Institute of Social Sciences. Argentina.

2016 First Prize. II Contest of Photography, Project Home. Work: The Hug. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.

2008 First Prize and honor mention. Contest "If they work... Who plays?" Topic: Child Labor Metallurgical Trade Union. Argentina

2007 English Cultural Association Prize awarded by the 84th Annual Salon of Santa Fe. Work: “Finisterre”. Provincial Museum of Fine Arts "Rosa Galisteo de Rodriguez". Santa Fe.

Candelaria Magliano - Il sogno di Leon


El sueño de León (Il sogno di Leon)

digital photography

direct shot

Canson Infinity Baryta 310 gr paper


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