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Ewa Martens 

Artist Statement

I aim to search for bright lights and expressive colours in my paintings, as I try to express my feelings through art. Therefore I want the observer to recognise the strength of textures and intense shades to evoke new feelings and thoughts. Throughout my artistic life, I have developed various techniques to accomplish the transformation from thought into paint. I belive my artworks can be surprisingly mawkish bur sincere and honest at the same time due to varying composition styles. Abstractions are my soul´s journey and painting is the foundation of my life; it gives me the power to move on and the calm to rest in myself. I rarely plan a painting in advance. During the creative process I focus on spontaneity and intuition. There is an intensive, sensual communication between the painting and me, which is essential for the work I create. Also I continuosly try to reinvent myself whilst looking for new forms of expressions and various perspectives that could inspire me. The basis of my painting consists of curiosity and strength to discover life with an open attitude. EWA



Ewa Martens was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland, where she completed her education as the best graduated student of the year, from High School of Fine Arts. Following her graduation, she began to design clothing for the fashion department store „Moda i Styl“ in Warsaw until 1984.The next years were spent experiencing the economics of art, working in the Galeria Vena and beginning to exhibit her own work, starting with an exhibition in her home town of Warsaw in 1987, and followed by exhibitions in Germany and other countries just one year after. Since 1990s Ewa has lived and worked as a freelance artist in nothern Germany, where she continues to exhibit her artworks.



1975 – 1980 High School of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Best graduated student of the year.



2020 Gallery Kunstraub99, Cologne, Germany

2019 Galerié de Bauté du Matin Calme, Paris, France

2019 NewYorkArt Center, New York, US

2019 Grace Denker Gallery, Hamburg, Germany

2018 JonaQuestArt Gallery, London United Kingdom

2018 KreativRaum Galerie, Vienna, Austria

2012 NWZ Gallery, Oldenburg, Germany


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2018 „Levels and Dimensions“, at the Physicians Association, Bremen, Germany

2018 „View Into The Blue“, at the Municipal Hospital, Oldenburg, Germany

2017 „Time-Window“, at the District Hospital, Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Germany

2017 „Color Flows“, at the District Hospital, Westerstede, Germany

2016 Exhibition at Café am Damm, Oldenburg, Germany

2015 Exhibition at the Restaurant „Seidenspinner“, Oldenburg, Germany

2013 Exhibition at the City Hall, Bad Zwischenahn, Germany

2012 „Color Streams“, at the NWZ Gallery, Oldenburg, Germany


Group Exhibitions

2020 „Exposition Paris, Cologne“, Gallery Kunstraub99, Cologne, Germany

2019 Participation at the Miami Artweeks, 2nd to 8th of December, Miami, Florida

2019 Participation at the International Brussels Artfair, 11.2019, Brussels, Belgium

2019 Exhibition Paris, Séoul, Pékin, Calm Belt Gallery, Beijing, China

2019 Participation at the SWISSARTEXPO 15th -19th August Zürich, Switzerland

2019 „Invisible-Visible“, Rospigliosi Palace, Zagarolo, Rome, Italy

2019 „Silent Perceptions“, at the Grace Denker Gallery, Hamburg, Germany

2018 „21 Gram – Open Your Soul“, KreativRaum Galerie, Vienna, Austria

2018 „Diverging Lives“, JonaQuestArt Gallery, London, United Kingdom



2020 „Like this and like that“, exhibition at the rossocinabro Gallery, Rome, Italy


Available works




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