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MAT Marie Agnès Tramart 

Artist Statement

Self-taught artist, working with unconventional methods and materials. Background in art therapy.

Experience in costume design and performing arts and managing exhibition spaces since 1985.

Founder of Histoire d'Arts et Cie association (Lyon, 1991): ateliers in expression and other interventions

Personal expositions: Creation market Quai Romain Rolland Vieux Lyon France 1994 // 2008 with a work of collages...

Creations and shows and other exhibition places...

2019 In 2016 retreat in the Basque Country, where I was able to welcome the culmination of constant self-study and empirical work.

The Work has presented itself in recent years in an imposing way and in this experience, everything has taken place and form.

Now I offer it because it is beyond measure.



'Artmospheres' collages series

 mixed media inking 23 X 16 cm

framed 35 X 29 cm

Available works




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