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Nevine Mattar

Nevine is a Lebanese-American artist who enjoys exploring different facets of artistic expression through different media. Having lived both in the Far East and the West, her artistic education included studying art in Japan, mainly Sumi-e, and in London, Los Angeles and New York, she studied painting and illustration. She is still involved in various civic activities exposing people to the arts of recycling and founded the first Paper-Mache Association in Lebanon. She was invited to chair many art juries who were responsible to host new talents. Ever since 1983, she's had yearly exhibits in various capitals-Washington, Paris,London, Dubai, Amman and Beirut. Nevine worked on various murals, book and poster illustrations, set designs and in fashion. Alongside art, she has been teaching Cultural Studies at various Lebanese Universities including the American University of Beirut, Balamand University, Haigazian and the Lebanese American University.




People, Music and Composition

mixed media on canvas

130 x 136 cm


Available works





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