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Malgorzata Matynia 

Artist Statement

In the center of my interest is woman and her body. I explore woman's body, her emotions, feelings and tenderness. Destruction that accompanies our life, transience, existential problems are expressed by the fragility of the bodies shown in the paintings. I am looking for their identity breaking through the paint.


Visual artist from Warsaw. In 2017, she finished the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and completed her master degree with distinction at the Faculty of Paintings, Graphic Arts and Drawings. Participant in many individual and group exhibitions in the country and abroad. At work, she uses various techniques, mixes them and uses fabrics. Her art, figurative and quite abstract, draws on contemporary problems centered around women.



Selected Solo & Group Exhibitions

2019 - Collage-assemblage, painting exhibition, BWA, Olkusz, Poland

2019 - Grafiteka 2019, exhibition of graphics, House of the Artist Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

2018 - Body to Mind, solo painting exhibition, Gallery of Art, Warsaw, Poland

2017 - Flows, International Print Biennial, Varna, Bulgaria

2017 - Hida-Takayama International Contemporary Woodblock-Prints Triennale, Hida Takayama Museum of Art, Japan

2016 - The Wall, Pracownia 7, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland

2015 - Flows, XI Quadriennale Drzeworytu i Linorytu Polskiego, BWA Gallery of Art, Olsztyn, Poland

2015 - Faces, Pracownia 7, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland


Untitled 3

mixed media on canvas

60 x 50 cm

Available works




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