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Alexandra Mekhanik

Artist Statement

Born in October ’78 in Moscow in the 4th generation of architects and artists of my father’s family. As far as my mother has been a teacher of English which opened to me the opportunity to see my passion for learning foreign languages, traveling, discovering other countries cultures and collect a huge luggage of inspiration for creating. Graduated as a Master of Technology and Interior Designer of Architectural spaces. Have been working as an interior designer and decorator for 15 years making public and private spaces in France, Russia, Germany, etc. Create and produce furniture, home textile, homewear, lingerie. Have been exhibiting my artwork as painting, sketching, photography of nature and people in a special way in UK, Germany, Russia, USA, France. Got the International Rafaello Prize for contemporary artists in Bologna, International Cesar’s Prize in Rome, publishing my works in the Art Books as Important World Artists in California. Next destination is the Middle East: Tokyo and Dubai. Also a book of my poetry with my illustrations is going to be published this year in New York and will be available for all English speaking countries and hopefully further.





acrylic on canvas, Swarovski crystals, grenadine and silver glitters 100 x 70 cm each one


Available works





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