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Leena Mertanen  

Artist Statement

Leena Mertanen (b. 1986, Finland) is an outsider artist, self-taught photographer and experimental filmmaker who examines various aspects of humanity, culture and femininity in her distinctive self-portraits and films that seemingly lack the context of time. She uses herself as a model in her absurd, dark, humorist, emotional works making personal universal, combining often unexpected elements and purist technical know-how to various different ways of thematic approach to modern photography. Mertanen has prints in numerous collections worldwide and a dedicated international fan-base. Her work is heavily influenced by expressionist painters and painting techniques she began studying out of curiosity at the age of 15, applying them later to photography. She lives and works in Finland.



2015 - The Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki, Finland

2002 - 2005 The Savonlinna Upper Secondary School of Arts and Music, Finland



2017 Gallery 4-kuus, Helsinki Finland

2015 Gallery 4-kuus, Helsinki Finland

2013 Gallery Outolintu, Turku Finland

2005 Gallery Hyrra, Savonlinna Finland



2018 Gallery Millepiani, Rome Italy

2004 Gallery Hyrra, Savonlinna Finland



2019 The Sokos Window Gallery, Joensuu Finland

2021 Solo exhibition Artifact New York, US


MEMBERSHIPS: The Artist Society Joensuu, Finland


Leena Mertanen


Untiled 23 aka The Doll Factory 2018

chromogenic color print from digital file mounted on aluminium

cm 105 x 70

Available works




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