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Rachel Mohawege

Originally born Lebanese, Rachel moved to Vienna at age 5 which has been her home ever since. Her love for the arts started as a young girl and has always been at the core of what she does. In addition to her studies in Tourism Management, she pursued studies in Art History and Painting in Vienna, Austria, she simultaneously worked in her family’s art gallery in Lebanon (Her Grandfather, calligrapher and artist was her source of inspiration). There, she was able to learn the technique of gilding which has greatly influenced her work. Her first exhibition took place in 1991 in Vienna, where she focused on silk painting, including mixed media, materials and textiles. Other exhibitions followed since then – in Beirut, Vienna, USA and Italy.

She also had several joint exhibitions with international artists from the Middle East, Latin America and Europe.

Since 2015, she is one of the artists designing for the Development Project Schalmauer, a scarf brand supporting the artisans working in the pashmina-making industry in Nepal. She acted until 2017 as curator for several international art exhibitions and art shows since 2007 in a development Institution.


Inspiration: Having been brought up in Europe but with Middle Eastern roots and North African influence (Tunisia was for many years a third home), she is inspired by the East meets West fusion that she tries to bring out in her work. She loves working with mixed media, which she uses to create contrasts in colours and shades. She takes inspiration from everything around her– life, love, poetry, literature, spirituality, nature, music, good food as well as fashion influences and different shades of lights and media.

Being a woman and mother, she developed a focus on “the peaceful power of the woman in time and space”, the complexity of the woman over the centuries, expressing all her being through her eyes, taking her space in a lapse of time, by radiating her Majestic light and peaceful, sensual identity through her straight and deep gaze. This becoming today’s unbendable piercing look that was the only means of expression for many centuries. Her long neck emphasizes her unique majesty and elegance. It represents the paradox of fragility (the thin breakable line holding the heavy crowned head) and power (the strong bridge between heart and brain) going hand in hand and last but not least, her subtle presence fulfills the space wide open of dreams that never fade away. This effect will be reinforced by the use of mixed media, complementary colours and contrasts. Her works are a search for light in its physical as well as mental form.




Tribal beauty

acrylic on canvas With gold metallic foil collage on Ink

60 x 80 cm


Available works




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