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Simone Monney 

Simone is Swiss and is born in Zurich. Her studio is in Gland near Geneva.

Simone is a self-thought artist going through different creative phases in her life. First she started a career in a famous fragrance company in Geneva as graphic designer. She created mood boards for the creation of new fragrances and presentations covering new trends and concepts for this industry. After she continued to create inspiration boards for the creation of a new jewellery line for a famous jewellery manufacturer. But during all these years Simone painted on canvas as a hobby to find her inner calm and serenity. Only in 2004, when her daughter was born, she decided to quit the professional world and start painting for a living.

Since that moment, Simone searches constantly new ways of creating and she works with different mediums and materials. Her first ingredient are emotions, an ephemeral feeling which impacts her sensitivity to her surroundings. She translates this energy in the way her paintings are mounted up. Her paintings on canvas can be compared to lyrical compositions. Spontaneous gestures with Indian ink and unpredictable lines are the base of her creations. There are no limits in her techniques. But the light and harmonious way of building up her painting suggest a delicate interiority and at the same time a real vitality. Her preferred mediums are watercolours which give depth and transparency in her artworks. Collage with Japanese rice paper doped up with acryl paint will give this liveliness in the end.

In her mixed media series called „free spirit“, Simone expresses her fanciful spirit. Her graphic designer background helps her to mix painting and photographs which are taken whilst traveling around the world. Simone takes pictures of urban atmospheres which present a unique moment in a city. For her, each city has an energy and she tries to bring that vibrancy into her artworks. These contemporary scenes are mixed with one of the paintings, specially created as the base of these creations. Combined with odd images like cartoon figures, movie stars or daily scenes, mainly out of the 60’ or 70’, she loves to evoke humour and a little touch of irony. These art pieces are printed on Fine Art paper, Plexiglas or Aluminium.

Her artworks are truly a reflection of manifest universality, through which everyone may find his or her artistic vibration.



3. Prize for the “blue lagoon” painting, during the Swiss Artist Contest in the canton of Aargau (CH) and Casacandintella (Italy) organized by the Kunst Forum Meisterschwanden (AG/CH)

3. Prize during the Global Art Award Organisation in Dubai for her mixed media creation called “come in we’re open”.


Simone Monney - Panier de fruit


Panier de fruit

mixed media on canvas

100 x 100 cm

Available works -Opere disponibili


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