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Makotu Nakagawa

Artist Statement

What will be after death? It can probably be "nothingness". Then, what is true mourning? Strongly realizing the disconnection with the dead, and enduring the extreme of sorrow. These pictures are the remains of my father. He was half a century older than me, so I grew up worried that he would die in near future. Since I was in photography school, I have been taking pictures of him for nearly 10 years. However, death was abrupt. There was no notice, no reason, no promise, death took away almost all of himself. At that time, I came to know despair for the first time in my life. The only world when he alived was over. Nonetheless, I keep bending ear to these remains. In order to carry this world after he passed away. The work is only way for me to listen to the voice of silence. I named these pictures "uro no ena" in Japanese. It means "the placenta left after being reborn as nothingness".




1977 - Kitaibaraki City, Japan.



2001 - Graduated from Keio University, Tokyo Japan.

2005 - Graduated from Tokyo College of Photography, Yokohama, Japan.



2018 - Light Space Time Art Exhibition Award "Patterns", Special Recognition.

2018 - International Photography Awards "Deeper Perspective" & "People, Family", Honorable Mention.

2018 - Praxis Gallery International Juried Photography Exhibition "The Portrait", Honorable Mention.

2018 - Fusion Art International Online Juried Art Exhibition "4th Annual Figures & Faces", Finalist.

2018 - Linus Galleries International Art Online Exhibition "Where is My Mind?", Selection.

2018 - Manifest Destiny Art Juried Exhibition "The Masks We Wear", Selection.

2018 - Chelsea International Photography Competition, Certificate of Excellence.

2018 - NYC4PA International Juried Photography Exhibition "The Black And White 2018", Juror’s Selection.

2018 - C4FAP International Juried Photography Exhibition "Contemporary Portraiture With Juror Ann", Selection.

2019 - Tokyo International Photo Awards "People, Family", Honorable Mention.

2019 - MWCP International Juried Exhibition, Selection.

2019 - Atlantic Gallery Juried Exhibition "ESCAPE/ISM", Selection. 2019 - Envision Arts Juried Online Exhibition "Black & White", Selection.

2019 - Fine Art Photography Awards "Fine Art", Nominee.


Selected Group Exhibitions:

2018 - Praxis Gallery, "The Portrait", Minneapolis, MN.

2018 - Manifest Destiny Art, "The Masks We Wear", Barcelona. 2018 - Itsliquid, "Contemporary Venice 2018", Venice.

2019 - C4FAP Gallery The Artery, "Contemporary Portraiture With Juror Ann", Fort Collins, CO.

2019 - MWCP, "2019 Juried Exhibition", Wichita, KS.

2019 - Atlantic Gallery Juried Exhibition "ESCAPE/ISM", New York, NY.

2019 - Itsliquid, "The Body Language Venice 2019", Venice.

2019 - NYC4PA, "The Black And White 2018", New York, NY.


Art Fair:

2019 - Itsliquid, "Venice International Art Fair 2019", Venice.




uro no ena - the remains of my father_1

silver gelatin print/baryta paper

20 x 24 inch

Available works




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