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Bianca Stefania Neagu

Artist Statement

Born in Targoviste, one of the most important cities in the Romanian history, in February, 1987. At the age of 17 she left homeland and start what will become a 15 years journey, tasting the beauty of Mediterranean culture. Bianca is now based in London, 'city of great opportunities, where dreams can be made reality', as the artist likes to say. This is also the place where her artistic carrier starts - Bianca had to put herself in the skin of an artist for a photoshoot - how bizarre. Following, several exhibitions in London, Art Fairs, contracts and exhibitions in galleries from London and Italy, commissioned work for art lovers. We are now working BiancaNeaguArtStudio, to be opened to public in 2020.


Roses on black

oil on canvas

20 x 20 cm

Available works




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