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Tomáš Neuwirth 

Artist Statement

I generally regard art as a form of self-expression. An opportunity to share own opinion, own perception of the world, with others. Photography has become my means of expression. Its strength is in capturing a given moment - a unique, unrepeatable moment. Everything is different in a second.

I focus mainly on drone photography which, by its very nature, is predestined for landscape, long-distance views, great depth of field etc. From the perspective of the photographer, there are fewer possibilities for artistic expression. Therefore it depends very much on the choice of location and how to capture it. I, therefore, try to find unusual locations - often places that do not seem that interesting on the first impression. However, a bird's eye view gives them a whole new dimension.



Tomáš Neuwirth was born in Czech Republic in 1972. He is a freelance photographer specializing in drone photography. A major milestone in his life was the year 1995, when he began to devote himself to paragliding. As a pilot, he was fascinated by taking pictures of the bird's eye, then still on the 35mm film camera. The following year, he moved to the USA. His stay here after three and half years ended the paragliding incident and with serious injuries of the spine he returned to the Czech Republic. He then spent eight months in a sanatorium, learned not only to walk again, but also met his future wife Gabriela.

Capturing of aerial footage continued to attract him. And with the advent of unmanned systems, new possibilities were opened. His first drone he folded in 2011, it was a kit. However, the desired shots were made by commercially produced drones in the following years.

Today, Tomas is involved in drone and classical photography professionally. By selecting extraordinary places and post-production processing, he is trying to shift drone photography to the next level. From capturing landscapes to a Fine Art expression. He received many awards from international competitions. In 2019 he succeeded to win with in the prestigious contest MIFA - Moscow International Fotography Awards (Nature Photographer of the Year). In the same year, The Independent Photographer Magazine included his image among the TOP 10 Most incredible landscapes from across the planet. And ranked him in the selection Talents of the Year 2018/2019. He was also nominated for a Personality of Czech Photography. In 2020, his photo was ranked among the finalists of renowned All About Photo awards and won Particular Merit Mention.



2020 - Gold Award - MIFA / Moscow International Foto Awards

2020 - Particular Merit Mention - All About Photo Awards


2020 - Honorable Mention - VIEPA / Vienna International Photo Awards

2020 - Nominee - FAPA / Fine Art Photography Awards

2020 - Finalist - SIPA / Siena International Photo Awards

2020 - Finalist - Creative Photo Awards

2020 - Finalist - Drone Photo Awards

2019 - Place Winner - MIFA / Moscow International Foto Awards

2019 - Place Winner - CITY CODE Art Magazine, Black & White Contest

2019 - 2.nd Place - XPOSURE International Photography Competition

2019 - Honorable Mention - IPA / International Photography Awards

2019 - Silver Award - TIFA / Tokyo International Foto Awards

2019 - Honorable Mention - PX3 / Prix de la Photographie Paris

2019 - Finalist / TOP 10 - American Photography Open

2019 - Place Winner - One Eyeland, Country’s TOP 10 Landscape Photo

2019 - Silver Award - One Eyeland, World’s TOP 10 Landscape Photo

2019 - Silver Award - One Eyeland, World’s TOP 10 Black & White Photo

2019 - Honorable Mention - Minimalist Photography Awards 2019 - Honorable Mention - ND / Neutral Density Photography Awards

2019 - Honorable Mention - BIFA / Budapest International Photo Awards

2019 - Commended - Drone Photo Awards

2019 - Honorable Mention - Chromatic Awards

2019 - Honorable Mention - APA / Annual Photography Awards

2019 - Finalist / TOP 10 - The Independent Photographer

2019 - Nomination for the Personality of Czech Photography

2018 - Silver Award - One Eyeland Photography Awards Selected


Group Exhibitions

2020 - VIEphoto Award Travel Selection - Gallery LIK, Vienna

2020 - Context Art Gallery, Treviso

2020 - Venice International Art Fair - ITSLIQUID Group, Venice

2020 - CZECH NATURE PHOTO, Czech Photo Centre, Prag

2020 - FOREMOST - IPA Best of Show, Hotel Collective, Okinawa

2020 - Photo SCHWEIZ 20 - Halle 622 & StageOne, Zürich

2019 - XPOSURE Internationl Photography Festival - Expo Centre Sharjah

2019 - DRONE 2019 - International Exhibition, Center Noordung, Vitanje

2019 - Greenstorm Foundation - Kochi Design Week, Bolgatty

2019 - MIFA Winners Exhibition - ARTMUZA, St. Petersburg

2019 - MIFA Winners Exhibition - Moscow Photocenter

2019 - Abstract Photography Exhibition - Harris & Hoole Gallery, London

2019 - MORE ART PLEASE - Rope Street Museum, Brasov


Road between seasons

fine print on paper

37 x 59 cm

Available works



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