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Niya is British born turkish origin based in Istanbul. BA Honors degree in Illustration, Southampton solent university UK. She has created her own style /technique using the ink medium; her works are detailed and thought provoking. Niya's work is surrealist and symbolic; 'There is trauma, heartache, dilemmas, and happiness found in my work '. Her work is almost mythical , with delicate ink marks that appear to almost move . Each image tells a story, rich with symbolism the eye darts from the ace of spades to a silhouette of a woman. A narrative unfolds from image to image, the composition of her art is almost rhythmic. Niya invites us into enchanting fantasy realm. She has exhibited in The Brick lane London UK November 2018, in the Art in Mind exhibition. Her gallery on instagram touched the viewers hearts and inspired them in many ways. 



pen and ink on paper

30 x 40 cm

Available works


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