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Ana Nobre

Artist Statement

“It’s not possible to separate me from my art, it’s part of me, a basic necessity. I don’t think it truly matters the way we express our creativity, the need is to create. In my case, more than in any other way is through painting. The inspiration comes from everything, good and bad, happy and sad, casual or not, the pain and the pleasure have to become me, my way of seeing/feeling it and my way of illustrating it. The need to show/share myself/my work to/with the world it’s not a primary instinct but it’s more and more a very important one. Not so much as an approval but as a way to connect, to liberate me and, hopefully, others. The ultimate goal is, of course, to live well from my art, to be recognized to the point that my name alone “can tell the whole story”. I’m not there yet, I’m still balancing between “doing what I have to do” to pay the bills and being awarded for my art career. Not a bad place to be; I will never give up!”





Poor clown

acrylic on canvas

70 x 50 cm

Available works




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