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  Liv Berit Nyblin Løken [ see other similar works ]

         Asker, Norway




acryl on cardboard

50 x 60 cm

Aladdin fume

pastel creyons & acryl on paper

50 x 50 cm




oil creyons on paper

40 x 50 cm

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Most of my art is known by private stakeholders and therefore has many of my sales been through these channels. I am board member of NFKUT (Norwegian Union of Expressive art Therapy), member of NGD (Norwegian Graphic Design) and I am active at Norwegian Architecture university’s weekly drawing gathering (not during Corona). My study of art began in the early 80s. And continued to be more than an interest, so I chose to study Graphic Design, Grafisk Design Lille Ulefos, by Kjell Dahl, and later study classical art in Asker school of Art. After I while I was drawn to be a teacher and educator in art and studied art pedagogics for 3 years, in different art forms, also experimental art through textile and was travelling to visit the Bushpeople in Kalahari Desert, to see their way out of poverty, through original life, culture and their art forms. Since I have a great interest in human, culture and life, I wanted to study a variety of social lives, and followed a study Cand.Phil.ped ( A Major degree, in international and global development). My studies here have been focusing on wide range of culture with focus on how growing up for refugees’ children and youth in exile, (a private excursion Guinea Conacry), had an impact on school, education and spear time and their creativity and inspiration of survival. In later years I have also studied Expressive Art therapy, and clinical health science in USØ university in Norway, and did research on UM and health, through expressive art program, called EXIT,, a project by Melinda Meyer and Mariann Jacobsen. We also did one documentary film, with Somali and Afghan boys, also named EXIT, prodused by NIKUT. (Expressive art Institute). Through all my art education, social studies and research, I have felt one need to leave some of the academical approach towards expressing my art, and happened to learn about Vedic Art, founded by Swedish Art professor Kurt Kjellman. This joyful and playful method gave me a new inspiration how to make different work of art. Later I also did the teacher training in the method and has during the last two decades had several private art classes along with regular art subjects in schools. During all these years I have had some time to enjoy my art and have recently got a great opportunity with time to express whatever I have in my chest, to come out, Its never too late to anything, my proverb is don’t leave regretting, at least one thing you have set your mind for. For time being, my daily part time work is Expressive art therapy, psychological health education and supervision, through different art expressions, for individuals, family, and Couple, using creative methods along with body awareness. My main areas in the therapy, lies in the field of Violence and traumatic stress, along with addictive habits and obsessions and how it can affect relations, society, private and at work.


Artist CV

1986 Graduation Exhibition for Ulefos Graphic design Henrik Ibsen Aula, 3710 Skien, Norway.

1988 Exhibition of work related graphic design Book publisher Hjemmets bokforlag ( Now Cappelen Damm). 0180 Oslo

1989 Illustrations novel and book design Book publisher Hjemmets Bokforlag ( Cappelen Damm) 0180 Oslo

1991 Graduation Exhibition Classic Artwork Culture House, 1383 Asker.

1999 Exhibition textile show, coop. Universities Europeans at art , Hamburg

2009 Separate exhibition Galleri-E, 1387 Borgen, Norway.

2014 Exhibition, selected work Storebrand Art Union, 1366 Lysaker

2009 - dd Exhibition at private homes & premises Private rolling art network

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