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Portalegre il 5/5/1949

2019 - 9th International Exhibition of Small Format Art (20X20) - Figueira da Foz, Portugal-Gold Medal (1ºPrize) with "Ark of Noah" oil on panel

2019 - Colective Exhibition-Arte e Amizade-Museo Interactivo da História de Lugo-Spain

2019 - Individual Exhibition - “Card and Platex” - taking place from 17 June to 31 July, at the Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre

2019 -  Black & White (contest) - Mário Silva-Figueira da Foz Gallery - Portugal-Silver Medal with “Piazzolla” Mixed media on canvas

2019  - 9th Birthday Galician-Portuguese Friendship and Arts Association - Figueira da Foz, Portugal

2018 - Collective Exhibition of Painting-Church of Calvary, Portalegre, Portugal

2018 - Infante D. Luís das Artes (contest) -Salvaterra de Magos Pier Building, Portugal

2018 - XI Biennial-Salon of the Arts (contest) -Vidigueira, Portugal

2018 - 8th International Exhibition of Small Format Art (20X20) contest - Figueira da Foz, Portugal

2017 - Individual Painting Exhibition from May 23rd to July 31st at the Convent Cloisters Clara in Portalegre, carried out at the invitation of the Mayor of Portalegre

The large number of exhibited works (166) had as purpose the presentation, in a retrospective, of the author's path as self-taught

2014 - Collective Painting Exhibition from 25th September to 25th October at the district headquarters of Portalegre of the Order of Doctors

2011 - In October I started the study of painting



mixed media on canvas

72 x 92 x 2 cm

Available works




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