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  Yuri Okada



Fusioning of Vasu

mixed media on canvas

73 x 100 cm

Sense of Holistic

acrylic on canvas

65 x 80 cm


Critical Statement

Visual thinking is the ability to organize by means of images our feelings, thoughts and perceptions about the world around us. We often use visual hooks in our daily lives to refer to people and things. We all know the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words," or sayings about colors, such as, "green with envy," "black humor," or "rosy vision." We define the world, for the most part, by visual descriptions; we think in images, often using them to represent ideas and feelings. Jung, whose interest in visual symbols in dreams and art is well known, emphasized the importance of images in a "therapeutic path." He observed that by allowing a state of mind to be embodied in a dream or artistic image, one understands it more clearly and deeply by experiencing the emotions contained therein. And that is how, when art tells archetypes and thoughts of human beings, it turns into a therapeutic medium for both the artist -- who that art created it -- and the viewer -- who that art enjoys it. And that is how, the artistic medium, turns into a real circle of sharing mood and experiences; emotions and concerns. Art as self-expression they said, art as a concept of catharsis: purifying ourselves and others by giving an image to our emotions and woodworms. In Yuri Okada's art, this particular concept of artistic expression is distilled, which, come to think of it, is not so common. In fact, art is born from various inspirations and can have numerous uses. It can recount past or future experiences as well as focus on denouncing everyday situations. Still, art was used as propaganda or to tell the story. Yuri Okada's art, on the other hand, is pure expression of the human soul coated in color. And, precisely through color and form, the artist distills the characteristics of her self by performing, inevitably, a catharsis. "The Delight of the Unknown - The Visible and the Invisible" is perhaps, one of the most emblematic examples of Yuri's particular art. Through form and color, the artist distills within the work the curiosity, excitement but also the fear of the unknown that lurks within the concept of "the future." When we think of the future, multiple facets of meaning light up before our eyes. Endless possibilities and paths to take as many as there are colors and spots on the canvas of the work. A large, serpent-like blue stain characterizes the entire composition. The contours are faint, almost indefinite, and the trail of color is uncertain. In this sense, if we think about the future, it is not possible to know all the details and all the choices we should make. In fact, it is totally impossible to predict with certainty what life will hold for us. For this very reason, the midnight blue spot is uncertain as are the other spots. Small multicolored patches come one on top of the other and overlap with the original large stain. Pink, green, orange and fuchsia pigment indissolubly and instinctively soil the whiteness of the canvas, staining it irreparably. The formal balance is accomplished, Yuri Okada's feelings about the future have been expressed on the canvas, and the catharsis has been accomplished. Fear, curiosity, joy, and awe are all here amidst the stains that dot the work, and we ourselves, looking at the latter, feel our souls reflected in the composition.



Group Exhibition

Dec 2022 Brain Cake,  M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, La Pedrera - Casa Mila, Barcelona

Nov 2022 Adrenocromo for Dinner, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milan, Fuerteventura and metaverse

Solo Exhibition

May 2022 AWAI, Hayama, Japan

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