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  Noryo [ see other similar works ]

         London, UK



pencil on paper

19 x 27,3 cm

Mangiatrice d'amore

pencil on paper

20 x 15 cm



pencil on paper

17 x 12 cm


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About and Artist Statement

Noryo (Alice Onori) was born in Rome in May 1988. Her passion for drawing blossomed in her childhood and flourished during her school years, when she discovered that the best way to express herself was to grab a pencil and let it slide on paper on the trail of her most inner thoughts and feelings. After she graduated from high school, Noryo decided to study Archaeology at the University to have a deeper understanding of Art in all centuries and what she learned in those years has had an influence on her own creations ever since. She also attended a drawing course with contemporary Italian artist Antonio Finelli, in order to improve her technique and achieve more realism and refinement in her artworks. In December 2019, Noryo moved to the UK where she currently lives, still following the trail of her emotions from the tip of her pencil.




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