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Britta Ortiz 


I have several academic degrees, but have all my life needed to work artistically. I need to use both halves of the brain if I am to function optimally. I make art for my own sake, and that is also why I first started showing my art to the public for approx. ten years ago. Over the last ten years, a lot has happened. I have exhibited many times in Denmark and the rest of Europe and have been included in several different international art books and art magazines. Through my art, I express my joy of nature, but my art also often deals with socially critical issues, but never from a specific political angle. My art often deals with relationships between people and the relationship between people and nature. Often from an existential point of view. I often use symbols and the titles of my works are never random.





Britta Ortiz


The sound of summer


40 x 50 cm

with passepartout and frame

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