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  Aristea Panagiotakopoulou

           Athens, Greece



digital underwater color print, processed with glass

60 x 80 cm

Yellow on blue

digital underwater color print, processed with glass

60 x 80 cm




digital underwater color print, processed with glass

60 x 80 cm




“I do not believe in clichés and I think outside the box. The same applies to my art. I approach art guided by my inspiration and strive to realise my ideas regardless of how things are usually done. Finally, this is a very rewarding process. I aim to inspire people towards the preservation of our natural environment and the oceans is my great love.

As an artist I aspire to transport the viewers of my underwater photos to all the positive feelings I myself have when in the water and with the rest of my photos to make them feel what they see.

"Think outside the box and never lose track of your positive energy and creativity to refuel yourself and others."




Aristea Panagiotakopoulou, is a multi-disciplinary artist, expressing herself through different media: Photography, Visual Art, Dance and Writing. She was born in Greece, where she is currently based, but have also lived in Boston Massachusetts. Her work has been exhibited internationally, in galleries, Cultural Centres and Art Fairs such as the Armory Art Week, the Swiss Art Expo and recently the Venice Biennale. She has participated in various dance projects, such as the project Gala by the French choreographer Jerome Bell at Onassis Cultural Center (Athens, 2017).

Her work has received an honorary distinction at the Street Photography category of the Lucie Foundation's International Photography Awards (May 2019), one of the most prestigious photographic contests worldwide. Since September 2020 she is a member of the global network of artists ART for Social Change, an initiative of ART HUB Athens, bringing together artists from around the world with the common goal of achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through art.

Her writing activity as an Art & Culture Editor in and a Personal Development blogger in -a website she built and run herself- as well as her long term employment in the Petroleum industry, have given her the opportunity to expand her artistic perspective, through the contact with multi-national, diverse cultures and individuals.



Since September 2022 artworks of my underwater and abstract series are exhibited in Rossocinabro gallery in Rome.

In August 2022 I participated in the group exhibition at "Adamantia" gallery, at Chora Andros exhibiting fresh summer artworks.

On July-August 2022 I participated in the Rome International Art Fair 2022 of ITSLIQUID presenting work from my underwater series.

On May 2022 I participated in the Anima Mundi Consciousness exhibition of ITSLIQUID during the Venice Biennale exhibiting photos from my underwater and abstract series.

On March 2022 I was among the chosen artists to exhibit at the Canvas Venice International Art Fair 2022 at "Itsliquid Art Space" in Palazzo Bembo, in Venice, with three of my artworks.

On December 2021 I participated in the art project of Cube Gallery "Message in/out of the bottle" with my art objects. These were underwater photos printed on desktop plexiglass, plexiglass coasters and plexiglass press papier. On November 30, 2021 my underwater series of photos closed 'KLIMA" Katerina's Christofilidou broadcast about the environment in ERT 1, the National Greek TV channel.

In August 2021 I participated in the group exhibition 'Idroussa" at Chora Andros exhibiting photos from my underwater and abstract series.

In July 2021 I participated in the exhibition "Curiosity killed the cat", in Cube Gallery exhibiting a humoristic artwork of mine.

In June 2021 I participated in the "Little Surprises" exhibition at the Hellenic French Association showcasing fresh summer images.

In September 2020 I participated in the "Little Surprises"exhibition at the Hellenic French Association, presenting work from my underwater series.

Ιn June 2020, one of my underwater photographs was listed in the top 100 shots at the Blank Wall Gallery's "Your Best Shot" competition, among 3,500 images submitted by 1,200 international photographers.

During the same period I also participated in the online exhibition "The Pandemic of Artvirus" and in parallel at Cube Gallery's "Against All Odds" exhibition and the "Aquatic Environment" group exhibition of the Municipal Gallery of Malevizion (Heraklion, Krete).

One of my exhibited works is now part of the Gallery's permanent collection of contemporary art. In February 2020 I participated in the "Love@First Sight" exhibition of the Blank Wall Gallery in Athens, showcasing work from my underwater series.

In January 2020 one of my artworks registered for the Advent Calendar of the ARTBOX GALLERY was exhibited in Zurich. During the same period of time I participated in a group exhibition on the life and work of the Greek poet Nikos Kavadias, hosted by the GALLERY OF THE SOUTH. The event was inaugurated by the Ministerial adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Mr. Panagiotis Theodorikakos, Mr. George Kodogiannis.

In December 2019 I exhibited an underwater photo in Art Basel Miami and also participated in a group exhibition, in Cube Gallery, in aid of the SOS Children's Villages.

In August 2019 I exhibited at the Swiss Art Expo (Zurich, Switzerland) showcasing one of my photos as well as a short video with music composed by the Greek composer, pianist & researcher Anna Stereopoulou.

In March 2018 I exhibited at the Armory Art Week, in New York.

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