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           Paris, France



Tinos island, Greece 2016


cm 50 x 60


Essaouira, Morocco 2018


cm 50 x 60




Anna Papadopoulou is a street photographer and mixed media artist from Athens, Greece. Being deeply passionate about history, culture and civilizations, she is largely inspired by ethnographic and religious elements as well as traditions that fade away with time. Anna adopts a documentary approach to photography, seeking to capture scenes of everyday and community life in villages and islands. Like the pilgrims crawling to the church of Panagía Evangelístria at the Greek island of Tinos, known for its distinctly religious heritage… or the two fishermen working collectively in the historic city of Essaouira in Morocco…In an increasingly globalised and digitalised world, Anna positions her art as a way of documenting, preserving and eventually reviving our traditions, collective spirit and cultural heritage.



Brick Lane Gallery, London (August 2021)


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