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mixed on media (acrylic, paper and ink) on canvas

80 x 60 cm


Return to Ithaca

mixed on media (acrylic, paper and ink) on canvas

80 x 60 cm




I am a self taught artist living in Thessaloniki Greece. My true passion has always been painting and creating. Mostly I am painting original oil and acrylic paintings on stretched canvas and on old wood pieces or driftwood. I am working with mixed technique using palette knives and brushes. Inspiration is everywhere. I am influenced and inspired by the magnificence and splendor of the natural environment. The beauty of a single flower, the sea with perpetual motion of the endless blue, or a panoramic wild coastline. I am excited by the fleeting balance between strength and fragility in nature. From all these miracles occurring around us daily, I am getting energy and inspiration. Vision captures the image, landscape, human, objects, shadow, light, colors. With my imagination I can see my object more freely and looking for a different form that will reflects and expresses my own perception. Creating a new image influenced from my personal experience, my character and the mood of the moment. I am trying through my artworks to express my inner need to transform a personal experience and thereby to set me free from it. Ally with my unbridled imagination, juggling between reality and dream, completely engrossed in my paintings. Artistic creation is a mean of relaxation, a free expression, an emotional release.....a wonderful journey..... a day at the beach of dreams..... a constant search for the “ Perfect Wave “ !!



2015, Dialoge between artist and viewer - Malou Art Gallery, November - December 2015 , Athens Greece

2016, Two voices, past and present - Malou Art Gallery, August – September 2016 , Cronwell Resort Sermilia, Chalkidiki Greece.

2017, Cities of imagination and reality – Malou Art Gallery, March 2017 , Athens Greece.

2017, I am a woman.....I exist or I don't – Malou Art Gallery, May 2017, Athens Greece.

2017, The sea comes out of a hidden voice. Voice coming into our heart - Malou Art Gallery, June 2017, Athens Greece.

2017, Color Expression – Malou Art Gallery, October 2017, Athens Greece.

2017, Woman....Man...Love over the centuries - Malou Art Gallery, December 2017, Athens Greece.

2018, Labyrinth - Malou Art Gallery, January 2018, Athens Greece.

2018, Ancient Greek Mythology and the Modern World -Malou Art Gallery, April 2018, Athens Greece.

2018, Travel to Ancient Greece - Malou Art Gallery, June 2018, Athens Greece.

2018, Brush – painted thoughts - Malou Art Gallery, September – October 2018, Athens Greece.

2019, Art meets Food. Tradition and Innovation - Malou Art Gallery, January 2019, Athens Greece.

2019, The Sea, my everlasting love – Malou Art Gallery, March 2019, Athens Greece.

2021, Abriendo Fronteras en el Arte – Galeria de Arte Gaudi, Collective Exhibition Kunstraum Gerdi Gutperle Gallery, March – April 2021, Viernheim Germany.

2021, Festiarte – III Festival International de Arte Contemporaneo , July – August 2021, Galeria de Arte Gaudi, Marbella Costa del Sol Spain.

2021, Mare Nostrum – Colectiva de Arte Contemporaneo, Galeria de Arte Gaudi, September 2021, Madrid Spain.

2022, 1a Edizione Del Premio Internazionale D’arte «Corchiano L’antica Fescennium», Galleria D’arte Mega Art, January – February 2022, Corchiano, Italy.

2022, Vernice Art Fair, Mega Art Gallery March 2022, Forli, Italy.

2022, Art Fair Parma, Mega Art Gallery, March 2022, Parma, Italy.

2022, "Light And Darkness" - Art Flow Gallery, May 2022, Palaiochora, Crete, Greece.

2022, Mega Art in Spain, Captaloona Art Gallery, June 2022, Madrid, Spain.

2022, Mega Art in Venice, Larkina Loreta Art Studio, July 2022, Venice, Italy.

2022, The Art Status, Zanon Gallery, November 2022, Rome, Italy.

2023, Vernice Art Fair, Mega Art Gallery March 2023, Forli, Italy.

2023, Colors of the world, Mega Art Gallery, April 2023, Corchiano, Italy.

2023, Una Finestra Sull'Arte Internazionale Contemporanea, Mo.C.A., May 2023, Rome, Italy.

2023, "Beyond the Veil of Reality" - Art Flow Gallery, May 2023, Palaiochora, Crete, Greece.

2023, Mega Art in Venice, Larkina Loreta Art Studio, July 2023, Venice, Italy.

2023, Mega Art in Volterra 2023, Lojelo Gallery, August 2023,Volterra, Italy.

2023, "Staring at the Sun", Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Galleria "Il Leone", September 2023, Rome, Italy.

2023, "Mega Art in Sicily", Contea Caravaggio Museum, September 2023, Catania, Sicily, Italy.

2023, Salon International d'Art Contemporain,art3fParis, Gaudi Art Gallery, September 2023, Paris, France.

2023, Art Fair Parma, Centro Culturale Ariele, September, October 2023, Parma, Italy.



2018, Participation with ten paintings in the book: "Sappho - a line in three sketches" by Ludmila Hrinchenco-Efstathiadou, published by Malou Art Gallery Athens, Greece.

2022, Rivista20, Periodico bimestrale d' Arte e Cultura, No 50 , Marzo - Aprile 2022.

2022, Rivista20, Periodico bimestrale d' Arte e Cultura, No 54, Novembre-Dicembre 2022.

2022, Mostre collettive d'arte internazionale in concomitanza con la Biennale di Venezia, Studio d'arte Larkina Loreta - Luglio 2022.  


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