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  Sonali Patel



Sonali Patel


glazed ceramic on enamel painted mdf

59 x 17 cm

Natural beauty

glazed ceramic

46 x 35 x 12 cm



Sonali is a multi-disciplinary contemporary artist from Australia whose oeuvres are metaphorical explorations of identity and human connectivity with the natural environment. She is interested in exploring the intersection between art, science, nature and nurture. Her artwork has been exhibited in Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Mumbai and Australia.


Solo Exhibitions

2022 Heartwood, Collective Haunt, Adelaide

2022 Joie de Vivre, Minor Works Building, Adelaide

2021 Heavenly Bodies, Collective Haunt, Adelaide

2019 Transient, SALA Exhibition, JPE Design Studio, Adelaide

2017 A Heart has a Thousand Names SALA Exhibition at the SAHMRI



The ginkgo is a living fossil. The oldest living tree species that has remained unchanged for more than 200 million years. In autumn, the stunning fan-shaped yellow leaves fall like rain, covering the ground in a golden carpet. For that reason, ginkgo is called ‘raining gold’. These artworks present the sensations felt in the presence of the ginkgo and personify vibrant energetic fields between our psyche and nature.

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