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Catherine Pennington Meyer

A Deep Connection between the Literary and visual Arts Catherine Pennington-Meyer’s work characterises a deep connection between the literary and visual arts. Catherine, who holds a Master of Arts degree as well as a post-graduate Master of Science degree often uses snatches of her own narrative to inspire and infuse the mood and meaning of her painting, frequently coupling both verbal and pictorial in her final compositions.

Catherine enjoys exploring two quite distinct threads of focus in her painted artworks, one tending more towards realism and one towards the abstract. Her more realistic works err toward reimagined spaces, particularly sea and skyscapes. She enjoys the exploration of the moods created by the elements, and the natural world, especially the interplay of light & dark and of sunlight & moonlight through cloud or water.

The result is often highly atmospheric work that is able to draw the viewer into the ambiance of the scenes that she paints. Her abstract works is more flamboyant, using methods conceived by the artist herself, including amongst others, the use of water, steam, smoke and air to achieve the effects that she desires.

Her work seeks to capture and distil the essence of her subject, whether that be the beauty of a surface, or the movement, spirit or feel of a subject.

In addition to her paintings portfolio, Catherine also seeks to convey her vision of the world through photography and offers a limited-edition photographic prints collection. Through her prints portfolio Catherine is able to observe the beauty of the natural world, often coming at everyday objects from a new or surprising angle in order to make the viewer consider their automatic perspective.

She seeks to explore what is ‘beautiful’, noteworthy or what we should be celebrating, encouraging us to heighten our awareness of our surrounding, appreciate our ‘ordinary’ environments and to see the beauty in small things. Occasionally, where Catherine feels that there is merit in doing so, prints are embellished with paint, producing a mix of the two media.



Roses by water

acrylic on canvas

140 x 100 cm

Available works




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