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Gerhard Petzl 

Artist Statement

"My artworks are a crossover of different styles, shapes and media but influenced by nature, different cultures and continents. My style can be described as abstract, elegant and timeless. As I have lived on 4 continents, I am the personification of a globalized human being."


Born in Austria and currently living in Switzerland, Gerhard Petzl is a trained Master Pastry Chef and Master Chocolatier for 25 years now. In 2003 he decided to take a break from his profession and to study Art and Design (section: sculpturing) and completed with a diploma. Afterwards, he continued his search for sculptural expressions successfully, mainly in chocolate with projects in New York, Sydney, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Vienna etc. and was even awarded 'Master Chocolatier of the Year' in 2017 in NY, USA.

He has achieved 8 x Gold medals, 25 Awards and 250+ publications on 4 continents (US, Europe, Asia, Australia) Crazy projects like the "World's tallest Chocolate Santa", a 5m long Royal feast baroque table with more than 2,500 single pieces assembled, or even a whole room made out of chocolate, which included a life-sized human sitting at a desk, a sofa, a table and all in all more than 1500kg chocolate were used.

Over the last years, Gerhard has intensified his sculptural approach to work with bronze. He also created many product-designs and he is the founder of "Chocolate Crystals Art" which uses chocolate crystal templates or chocolate bloom as design elements for artworks, furniture and lifestyle products. A novum.


Quote Gerhard:

"Speaking of my sculptures, they reflect a kind of eternity and timelessness and seem to be familiar but on the other hand maybe strange and mystical. Sometimes a mixture of ancient high culture style and modern expressionism."



... and all of it just because of the Porsche

mixed media (plastic parts, wires)

H 33 x W 30 x D 32 cm

Available works



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