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Steffi Pieters 

Artist Statement

IN ESSENCE paintings are inspired by the essence of life. They arise in flow. This flow - or natural way of coming to life - brings presence, authenticity and openness to the canvas. I use my intuition and heartfelt connection with life in order to create a work of art that is aligned with universal vibrations of compassion, grace, freedom, oneness, peace, love, and so much more. Our essence is pure beauty. This way of experiencing the world and human nature is the foundation of my artwork. Every painting is designed to reflect the essence of the one perceiving it. Since we are all connected, we might see a piece or a layer of ourselves mirrored by the canvas. The key is to look through the eyes of our hearts. I wish that every person who contemplates a painting that I created, sees their own inner beauty.



oil on canvas

60 x 60 cm

Available works



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