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Contemporary Art in Rome

Ludwika Pilat 


After becoming an architect in Poland and living abroad for a while I decided to grow some roots in Switzerland. It turned out not to be so easy in this rocky soil but I've always been quite good at impossible. I was also good at following reason while confusing what I want with what I think I should want and I needed a way to better show my emotions in art. I've learnt to listen to myself and slowly unlock that heavy duty container where my feelings were kept. I rediscovered and incorporated collage elements in some of my acrylic paintings and with this I want to provoke thoughts and questions. I'm not striving for perfection anymore. I'm expressing something more important with textures, colours and ambiguous words.



2006-2001 - POLITECHNIKA GDAŃSKA, GDAŃSK, POLAND Master, Architecture and Planning



2.019,12 ARTBOX.PROJECT at Art Basel, Miami

2.019,12 ImFenster, Zurigo

2.019,11 Red Yellow Blue, Van Der Plas, New York

2.019,11 Be Rossocinabro, Rossocinabro, Roma

2.019,10 SupriseX, ArtAZ in The Project Gallery, Athens




Art & Beyond #Winter

Magazine43 #9

Artqol #7

AArt Magazine #40

Wotisart Magazine #31, #32

A5 Magazine #30, #31



Teal, Envision Arts, Dallas

Seascapes, Light Space & Time, Palm Springs

H2O, J.Mane Gallery

Colors, Art Room Gallery

Textures and Forms, Light Space & Time, Patterns, Palm Springs

B&W, Florence Contemporary Gallery, Florence



acrylic on canvas

50 x 50 cm

Available works




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