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Artist Statement

Doina Popescu is a self-taught artist born in Bucharest in 1970, who has been living in Belgium for many years together with her family.

Nature, human feelings and spirituality are her main sources of inspiration. While her analytical background has its origins in her Mathematics and Communication university studies, her genuine and diversified creativity has grown over years and as of 2016, she expresses visually by painting. Her work is instinctive, colourful and animated by a fecund imagination which starts working inside her even before finishing a work.

Free spirit, she is particularly fond of Japanese paper - acrylic, a combination that allows her to create according to her inspiration, wherever this may lead. She has developed her own original technique based on blending materials in order to get the texture for her works. Her meditation sessions enable the themes of her artworks. Her creation is about the thrilling nexus with the world outside us…and with the one inside us. She thinks the artist is an explorer and the art is an enlightening journey leading us to our deepest emotions and memories. She also thinks there is much more around us than our eyes can see and the artist has the duty to see beyond boundaries and reveal what hidden is to our senses.

She has exhibited in United States of America and in several European countries and her works hang in private collections in Canada, Belgium, Cyprus, Portugal, France, Sweden and in her home country Romania.


She was awarded a Golden Palm for Visual Arts in 2018 in United States of America.


"Seek art and abstraction in nature by dreaming in the presence of it..." stated Paul Gauguin. Inspired by this alluring proclamation, contemporary artist Doina Popescu paints dreamlike landscapes, simplifying forms to create colorful dioramas of the natural world. By abstracting shapes to create tonal reflections of the terrain, her field of vision illustrates hazy, fantastical panoramas which reveal a visceral connection to landscapes, both real and imagined. An illusory inner world of the sublime is subjectively translated and richly blooms into idyllic still lives and landscapes. Encapsulating the enduring energy and innate beauty of nature, Ms. Popescu’s compositions invite the viewer into her jubilant domain.

Inspired by the thoughts and imagery discovered during her meditation sessions, Ms. Doina Popescu’s compositions represent a connection with our inner selves and the outside world. “A painter is an explorer, and the art is an enlightening journey leading us to ancestral memories waiting to be discovered,” Ms. Popescu explains. Imagining the world with incandescent reverence, her chimerical compositions embrace a visual fusion of naturalism and fantasy. These harmonious works feature lush attention to color and careful depiction of light. Airy brushwork lends to her works a sense of exuberance, as the subjects seem unencumbered by the conventions of line and form.

Using painterly dabs and flecks, Ms. Popescu captures the dance of natural light on flora and fauna, rendering visible the poetic nature of her simple subjects. Elusive and elegant, her pastoral scenes channel the textures of our world as she romantically encapsulates the mood and spirit of luminescent landscapes. Unencumbered by the boundaries of line and shape, her terrains emanate a sanguine exuberance. Particularly fond of painting abstractions in acrylic, Ms. Popescu’s combination of paint and subject enables boundless possibilities and endless inspiration. Often experimenting with various techniques and materials such as wood, lace, Japanese paper, and gold mica flakes, the artist’s saturated canvas is an immersive representation of nature.

By reflecting inner visions and translating them to outer realities, the Romanian born, Belgium based artist reveals the invisible within the visible. Re-contextualizing nature, Doina Popescu’s chromatic palette mirrors the gentleness of the terrain while radiating the warmth and light radiating from within the artist herself."

(Ruthie Tucker, Executive Director – Curator, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York)




We are one

mixed media on canvas

80 x 60

 cm 2018


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