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Artist Statement

My work is an ongoing investigation about the metaphysics of space, about the spatial phenomenon in painting. I'm interested in the conventions, materials, public and private roles of painting, as well as whether perception enables or confuses our understanding of the world.

My artistic practice addresses the following questions:

- How can we explore spaces that function in non-hegemonic conditions and that are simultaneously physical and mental in painting?

- How can abstraction open up a mental field all of its own by reorganizing visual and psychological experience?

- How can a type of painting offer an immersive experience to the viewer? - What does pictorial spatiality consists of?

- What is the pictorial space expressing?

It is known that the spatial relations in humans develop on two levels: the sensorimotor (perceptual) level that gives us the “sense” of space and the representational (intellectual) level that gives us the “idea” of space. The first is a product of haptic development and the latter is a development of symbolic activity through speech and image.

Abstraction opens up a mental field all of its own. In this sense, my painting is a continuous investigation into abstraction’s power to reorganize visual and psychological experience. The series Black Lake was made after my travel to Switzerland. I've done research about the environmental issues of our days which should actually be the most important item in every political agenda. The natural environ-ment is an integral part of Switzerland's identity and has forged the national spirit. To safeguard this environmental heritage the Federal Council and the people of Switzerland have implemented a series of concrete measures in recent years that other countries should think about and implement too. The palette and the gestural are related with the representation of my individual emotions, feelings, desires and impulses. I can say that they are the expression of my subjectivity within the pictorial space of the canvas. Thelma Pott


Thelma Pott was born in 1984.

She lives and works in Porto and London.

After finishing her studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, she took her MA in Curatorial Studies at the Royal Academy of Arts of the University of Coimbra in Portugal.

In 2013 she won the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Project Grant.

She started exhibiting her work in 2017 has one of the artists from the art coalition HANDS OFF OUR REVOLUTION in the group show Poster! at BlackBall Projects Gallery in New York.

Hands Off Our Revolution kicked off Thursday, February 16, 2017, with an animated web banner by British artist Mark Titchner that reads: “Hands off our borders; Hands off our cities; Hands off our homes; Hands off our planet; Hands off our justice; Hands off our loves; Hands off our lives […]”. Hands of is a group of artists united to counter small-minded prejudice. Their art affirms their humanity and they insist on inclusion of all and for all. They call for action by people of good conscience to stand against the abhorrent policies of the governments that claim to represent us. Among these artists are John Akomfrah, Laurie Anderson, Yto Barrada, Sophie Calle, Olafur Eliasson, Douglas Gordon, Anish Kapoor, William Kentridge, Steve McQueen, Ed Ruscha, Hito Steyerl and Wolfgang Tillmans.

In 2018 as well as in 2019 her work was distinguished by the Canadian art magazine: Art Ascent. Her work featured in the artist’s directory at the June/July edition of the British art magazine Aesthetica. Currently she is pub-lished at the British art magazine Inside Artists in their Spring Summer 2020 edition.

Among other exhibitions, in Autumn 2019 her work was exhibited in Cologne, Germany, as she won the Re-claim Award 2019 which sees the artist’s work displayed on public billboards. Her next show in April will be group exhibition Co-Existence 7 at Rossocinabro Gallery in Rome, Italy.

Her photographic work can be seen in LensCulture.


Black Lake [Schwarzsee, Canton of Fribourg, Switzerland]

acrylic on paper

70 x 100 cm


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