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Irena Procházková

Artist Statement

My name is Irena Prochazkova and I was born in Tabor (south of Czech Republic) in 1973 but I currently live in Prague.

All my pictures have been inspired by my travel experiences or images and some of them just by my normal life.

I have been influenced by art styles such as impressionism, post-impressionism and expressionism that have never stopped fascinating me.

My favourite painters are Monet, Van Gogh, Gauguin or Czech artists such as Špála and Slavíček.

My work is full of colours especially blue, red and orange. I feel it this way and I express my mood by that as well.

You will see a lot of ‘still life-paintings´ which I was painting during my tuition lessons under the academic painter Bedriska Uzdilova.

I do paintings as well as drawings. I create portraits, sceneries, abstractions, compositions and ´still life-paintings´. I currently prefer using oil paint on canvas.




– Art School in Tabor (Czech Republic), academic painter T.Buzu 2008-2010

– art tuition by Macholdova MA Since 2011

– studio of the academic painter B.Uzdilova



• 2001 – Art School Exposition in Tabor (CZ)

• 2002 - Art School Exposition in Tabor (CZ)

• 2016 – Exposition at gallery Nova Beseda in Prague (CZ)

• 2017 – Exposition ´´Art in Lisbon 2017´´ in Lisbon (Portugal)

• 2018 – Exposition “Be moving” at the Rock Cafe gallery in Prague

• Artexpo Winter Roma 2018, Art Gallery Domus Romana, Roma, Italy

• TO DEATH WITH A SMILE, MUMEDI, the Mexican Museum of Design, Mexico City, Mexico

• Artexpo Summer Roma 2018, Domus Romana Art Gallery, Rome, Italy

• Faces of Humanity 2018, Gallery25N´s,, New York, United States

• Art Festival in Porto 2018, Porto Art Gallery , Porto, Portugal








oil on canvas

80 x 80 cm


Available works




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