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Ben Rebz is a self taught artist from Grand Terrace, California. He signs his work under the name REBZ.

• His inspiration comes from many places but especially from the beaches and cemeteries in Japan that he visited when he was stationed there during his service in the US military. Rebz hiked to the top of Mountain Fuji to get artistic insight which has influenced his creative style and process. He makes art for many reasons but mainly to relax, to relieve stress and to enjoy himself. Being used to work with other people, Rebz is a team player. This quality comes to surface in his artistic creation when he shares his ideas and thoughts and collaborates with other artists. He says that the whole creative process, from the beginning to the end, ‘makes him feel like he’s alive’.

• The artist is specialized to work with ink and pencil but lately he started to get used to digital art. Rebz, who has been an artist for 15 years, focuses mostly on subjects taken from landscapes, sea life, and the underwater world. In the past, he worked with clay and acrylic and experimented with different craft arts, but for now he would like to center his attention on digital art and to learn the pouring/flowing technique of paint on various surfaces.

• His favorite artist is Greg “Craola” Simkins and he describes Simkins’ work as ‘meticulous’. Rebz’s work can also be placed in the abstract surrealism cartoon tainted movement; his style continuously flows smoothly throughout the composition enchanting the viewer. In his work, there is a constant balance between the starting and the ending of each piece which many times can act like an optical illusion, transposing the art lovers in a fantasy world.

• He likes to connect to the art community via the social media platforms (Instagram @radicalrebs) and to organize personal art shows in his free time. The artist had exhibitions organized by the military when he was on active duty and at several post offices in Grand Terrace, California.

• For the future, Rebz is planning art shows which will bring awareness to mental illnesses and art exhibitions that will involve charity events for animals. He hopes that he can give the public a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction after having looked at his pieces.

• The artist lives and works at his home studio in Grand Terrace, California.


Artist Statement

I have been drawing and painting for 15 years but creating art really became an important part of my life when I was in Japan serving in the US military. During my free time there, I visited the country and I have got infused with a lot of inspiration from the landscapes and Mountain Fuji. This artistic insight transformed into feelings which got transposed on paper and released my anxiety and stress. Since there I had no access to art supplies, I had to limit myself to using ink, pencil, and paper as materials and media. However, now I like to create digital art and to experiment with acrylic paint using the pouring technique. I get intrigued by the entire creative process, from the beginning to the end, and my work could be described as cartoon-tainted abstract surrealism. When I draw, my style continuously flows throughout the composition creating a balance between the starting and the ending of the piece which many times can act like one or the other.





Benjamin Rebz



digital work

12 x 12 inches

30 x 30 cm


Available works



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