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Caroline Rexborg

Caroline Rexborg, born 1991 in Gotheburg Sweden, is a self-taught artist. She is creating art with a mission to empower women to recognize their own strength and power. Her goal in to influence the art world with a strong sense of girl power, hoping girls will be brought up knowing “fight like a girl” means fight like a warrior.

Caroline had her debut exhibition April 2018 in Miami, Florida. She has continued to exhibit her artwork in Gothenburg, London and Palermo after that, continuing spreading her art world wide.



Zenith Art & Fashion, Miami April – August 2018

Beauty salon Qui, Gothenburg Juni 2018 – ongoing

The Brick Lane Gallery, London 29 augusti – 9 september

MUSA International Art Space / We Contemporary Artshow / Manifesta12, Palermo 12- 14 oktober 2018


Publications: Spotlight Magazine / Contemporary Art Magazine by Circle Foundation Issue 8 - 2018


River sun

acrylic on canvas

80 x 60 cm


Available works




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