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Erwin Rios 

Erwin Rios was born and raised in Chile. He has lived and worked in Austria since his early youth. During his studies of art history and twenty-one years of experience in the art field (exhibitions, organization and program management), he has simultaneously and continuously developed as a painter. Not professionally at first, but out of an inner need to order thoughts and emotions and to transport them from the inside to the outside.

With acrylic paints, sand, cement and other materials, he brings his concerns to canvas. Balance is created through a few coordinated layers of color and texture. The painting has a calming effect on the viewer and it draws him in at the same time. "Being an artist has never been a job for me, but a matter of course, a personal matter. When I paint, I encounter myself and my subconscious is reflected in the colors and finds expression in the paintings.

For me it is a complex, demanding work full of emotions. Through the paintings I can communicate myself and my inner worlds..." says Erwin Rios.

His painting process is like a conversation. The canvas receives; it listens and then continues to tell the story. The materials function instead of words, as extended possibilities of expression. When the words are no longer enough, the pictures are there. And the words are no longer necessary.


Artist Statement

For me, painting is a living process. It is often helpful to organize and share my thoughts and feelings. It's also a way of saying something when words are no longer enough. Therefore my paintings are a very personal expression of topics that concern me.

One of the issues I deal with is our living space. Deforestation, flooding, drought ... the news is imprinting in my subconscious and throwing questions. Memories from my childhood and landscapes from today... will they still be there tomorrow? What will they be like? How is our quality of life affected by the way we interact with nature, what interrelationships arise...? The series "Moments" explores these questions that affect our environment.

I capture moments, moods and reality mixed with memories and fantasy. This in the awareness that nothing is as it was and nothing will remain as it is. We carry the past in our memory, the future in our responsibility.

In my work I use few colors that go together to achieve balance. The picture should have a calming effect on the viewer. At the same time, it should draw him in. Ideally an inner “confrontation” should take place.

Some of the events last year took place in Monaco (Art3f Int. Contemporary Art Fair), Zurich (Swiss Art Expo 2020), Marbella (Art Marbella), Madrid (Gallery Van Gogh), Venezia (Future Landscapes, Borders Festival 2020) …


Moment 604

acrylic and sand on canvas

60 x 60 cm

Available works



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