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Toril Sæterbakken 

Artist statement

My name is Toril Sæterbakken. I was born in 1958 and live in Lillehammer in Norway. From the time I was two / three years old, I have been drawing with great enthusiasm and joy. The joy of making things, using my imagination gives me a lot. Being observant of the environment is important to me. When I start to paint, the colours were the most important element to make the right expression, and of course the lines, light and the motive. A text, a moment of “something”, joins a process towards an expression, it can be pictorial or a text. I have had three solo exhibitions, attended many courses with professional artists and regular exhibitions with my local painting club. As time has passed, painting has become more and more important in my life.


Every morning has it’s own beginning, it’s own secret, it’s own meening

 acrylic and paper on canvas

50 x 50 cm

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