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Connie García Sainz 

Artist Statement

“Art always takes me to parallel worlds, where the extraordinary or the imaginary sparks my reality. I am always creating, be it in my mind, with a pencil or with objects I find, deconstructing or constructing images of what I experience, feel and perceive. I would love for more people to connect with their artistic side, their sensitive and creative side allowing them to LIVE the beauty of everything that surrounds them”


Connie García Sainz 1967 CV

• Art Professor at Apyre, Apoyo y Rehabilitación, A.C., CDMX 2016-18

• Masters in Professionalization of an Emerging Artist, Berlín 2017-18

• Sketching and Writing Workshop, Anthi Kosma, España 2016-17

• Contemporary Art Diploma, Marian de Abiega, CDMX 2015-16

• Oaxacan artists sand technique Workshop, CDMX 1997

• Painting Workshop Martha Ramírez and Robin Bond, CDMX 1995-2011

• Bachelor in Graphic Design Universidad Iberoamericana, CDMX 1986-91


Group Exhibitions

• Club de Empresarios, CDMX , México 2017

• Centro Fox, León Guanajuato, México 2010

• Imagina, Boca Raton Florida, USA 2005 • Vamos x 10, León Guanajuato, México 2004

• Polifórum, León Guanajuato, México 2001

• Museo de la Estampa, Ciudad de México, México 1989


Solo Exhibitions

• Sombreros, CDMX City Center, Sombrerería Tardan, 2010



• Ideaborn Art Contest Recognition, Spain 2017 




mixed media on paper (watercolor, ink, markers with applications)

50.5 x 59 cm


Available works



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