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  Maro Sargsyan




pastel on paper

cm 41 x 29


Still life with grapes

pastel on paper

cm 42 x 30





I am very lucky. I was born in a family of artists (grandfathers, father and mother). The smell of paints, canvases, sketches, drawings, clay, magnificent books about art accompanied me throughout my childhood and in my teens. Painting had been my favorite hobby, a natural process, a need for self-expression, a part of my world and my life. the choice of profession was also a natural continuation of this process. I have many themes, there is no specific theme or style, and a lot of execution techniques (oil, pastel, watercolor, ink, collage) I can be inspired by the image of a person with characteristic features, an interesting portrait or by the world surrounding me: objects that live their own lives, as if animated, nature, where there are lights and shadows, colors, harmony, flexibility, giving us life and energy, the cities and villages, with their own unique flavor, smell and color. Sometimes there is a period of reflection, conclusions, reassessment of the path traveled, values, a view from the outside at the world and people. It is then that a series of philosophical paintings is born, which are aimed at encouraging the viewer to reflect, wake up, listen to their soul. The most difficult thing in creating pictures, I think, is the ability to convey or just to convey your emotions, your mood, your view of the world, and to paint an invisible spiritual thread from yourself to the painting and from the painting to the viewer. I don't like the definition of "contemporary art". At all times, art inspires, delights, evokes protest or pacification, tears, a smile or a storm of emotions, touches the strings of the soul, makes you think, opens up another, unusual vision for you. The role of art and the artist is great, it is necessary like air in modern world, in this world where chaos, selfishness and disagreement, wars and epidemics reign, where spirituality, humanity, kindness are lost, people move away from their original nature of the creator and turn into a consumer. And only art can awaken souls to unite people, it knows no boundaries, nationality, race, religion.


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