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Greta Schnall 


Greta Schnall, born in Simbach on the Inn in Germany, Bavaria. In 1989 she moved to Chiemgau, where she later joined the „Laufener Kunstverein“. In the 2000s, she began digitally rediscovering the photography that she had previously inspired by analogy.

In 2006 she started specializing in nature photography, especially macro-photography. In 2008 she begann with digital image processing. Around 2010 she started working on architectural photography and she continues expanding her digital editing methods to this day. She loves Cubism, Surrealism and Architecture. In her artworks she tries to bring these together. Above all, she wants to show how the simple, often depressing architecture on photos can be changed with image editing in an imaginativ and exciting way. So one should come from the functional to the pure fantasy motive, through which one can be inspired variously.

She is constantly exhibiting her early works in medical practices and clinics in Chiemgau. In addition to a previous exhibition in Switzerland, Greta Schnall then exhibited solo or in groups in various cities in Germany. Her latest participations in group exhibitions were in 2019 and 2020. These took place twice in Venice at the 2019 Biennale, in London at the London Contemporary International Art Fair 2019, „The Line Contemporary Art Space“ and in Prague at „We Contemporary Art Show 2019“, in Topic Salon. In summer 2020 she participated in the exhibition with the title: „Befreite Kunst“ at the „Marziart“ Gallery in Hamburg. In September 2020 she participated in the exceptional exhibition “Shibuya Station Exhibition” in Tokyo.



Rotes Städtchen

digital art, print on canvas

80 x 60 cm


Available works



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