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Alice Scholte

Alice Scholte (b. The Hague, 1957)


The art

Alice works with acrylics, oils and other materials such as beeswax and sand in mixed techniques.

Her paintings appeal at a deeper level of appreciation. Not bound by conventions she invites the observer to open up to the feelings which may arise. The soul of her paintings - both in theme and technique - reflect the many facets of human experience. In short, we are here to see and be seen.


Social involvement

For nearly forty years Alice has been active as an art and music teacher to a wide range of pupils in the ages from 8 to 80 years old. Further she is engaged in the stimulation of the appreciation and appeal of art among a wider public through initiatives such as local art crawls, schools, hospitals, care homes for the elderly and markets. She was a founding member of the art collective ‘Kunst om de Hoek’ in Houten which aims at raising the awareness of the local population of art and art expression.



From a young age Alice moves to capture the essence of life in her artistic expressions. The impressionists of the late 19th century have been a great inspiration to her to go beyond known boundaries into the realms of the unchartered.



Her self development and exploration has been stimulated through attending art academy courses in Leiden en Utrecht and a comprehensive number of masterclasses in the Netherlands.


Exhibitions and collections

From 1990 Alice extensively exhibited in galleries across the Netherlands, Belgium and abroad including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Bilthoven, Bergen, Sydney, Tongeren, Wijk bij Duurstede, Houten, The Hague and Utrecht. Works are held in private collections in the Netherlands, Canada and Australia.



Untitled #2

mixed media (oil, acrylic, beeswax and modeling paste) on canvas

60 x 40 cm



Available works




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