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No title

archival inkjet print, white frame

40 x 50 cm

No title

archival inkjet print, white frame

40 x 50 cm

No title

archival inkjet print, white frame

40 x 50 cm



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Artist Statement

All three photographs are a play of light and shadows, the timeless beauty of the reflection of the shutters on the ceiling in the intimacy of a hotel room in Marsala, Sicily, Italy. It is a game of allusions, subtlety and sensibility. The light records can also be understood as a metaphor for the state of today’s world, on which the shadows of unpredictability have fallen, however, light is the hope for a better tomorrow.



Nataša Segulin was born in 1948 in Koper, Slovenia and graduated in 1973 from the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. For most of her professional career she worked as a journalist, an editor and as the editor-in-chief for TV Koper-Capodistria (TV Slovenia). She became interested in photography during her history of art studies and while working as an arts and culture journalist. However, she was only able to pursue it after her retirement in 2011. Since 2013 she has been exhibiting at numerous solo and group exhibitions both at home and abroad. She is a member of the Slovenian Association of Fine Arts Societies.


Solo exhibitions  

2014 - Sounds of Silence, Galerija Meduza Koper (Obalne galerije Piran), SI 

2015 - Sounds of Silence, Kulturni dom, Šmarje pri Jelšah, SI

2015 - Sounds of Silence, Zavičajni muzej, Biograd na Moru, HR

2015 - In the Harbour, Loggia Gallery Koper (Obalne galerije Piran), SI

2015 - In the Harbour, Gallery SKC Korotan, Vienna, AT

2016 - The Poetics of Silence, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, SI

2017 - In the Harbour, Fotogalerija Stolp, Maribor, SI

2017 - In the Harbour, Equrna Gallery, Ljubljana, SI

2017 - In the Harbour, Gallery Kranjčar, Zagreb, HR

2017 - In the Harbour, Art Photo Budapest, HU

2017 - In the Harbour, Month of Photography, Bratislava, SK

2018 - »Geometry - the Rationality of a view«, 7th International Fine Arts Festival Kranj, SI

2019 - Lumen, Galerija Fotografija Gallery, Ljubljana, SI

2020 - Impressions, Galerija Gong, Nova Gorica, SI

2021 - Lumen, Loža Gallery (Piran Coastal Galleries), Koper, SI

2021 - Impressions, Srečišče Gallery, Ljubljana, SI  


Group exhibitions   

2013 - Sounds of Silence,Thursday award 2013, Festival of documentary photography Fotopub, Novo mesto, SI

2013 - Slovene Female photographers 2013, Kosova Graščina, Jesenice, SI 

2014 - Sounds of Silence 3, Evening projections of the festival »Photonic Moments – Month of Photography

2014«, Ljubljana, SI

2014 - Sounds of Silence, »Remains of a City + Photo Emona«, Park Tivoli, Ljubljana, SI

2014 - Galerija Meduza Koper (Obalne galerije Piran), SI

2014 - Library Galerija Fotografija, Ljubljana, SI

2015 - 4.International Fine Arts Festival Kranj-ZDSLU

2015, Kranj, SI Recognition for high quality artwork.

2015 -Street Stories, TheArtPhoto Gallery, Triest, IT         

Street Stories, Gallery of Modern Art, Koper, SI            

Street Stories, Gallery Lera, Piran, SI    

2016 - Street Stories, Museo d'Arte Moderna Ugo Cara', Muggia (TS), IT

2018 - »We're still swimming«, Gallery DLUL, Ljubljana, SI

2018 - Festival of Photography Maribor

2018, Gallery DLUM, Maribor, SI

2018 - »Cicle 13.0 Distant proximity - Art/History«, Stift Lilienfeld, AT

2019 - AZIL, Grin Photo Gallery, Umag, HR

2019 - AZIL, Gravisi palace, Koper, SI

2019 - AZIL, Biblioteca statale Stelio Crise, Trieste, IT

2019 - ART LINKS 2019, Novi Sad, SRB

2020 - Virtualni ZIMSKI SALON, ZDSLU Gallery, Ljubljana, SI

2020 - Ulična galerija, Galerija Fotografija and Tam-Tam mestni plakati, Ljubljana, SI

2021 - 10. International Fine Arts Festival Kranj, Kranj, SI

2021 - Zimski salon, ZDSLU Gallery, Ljubljana, SI

2021 - Venice International Art Fair-14th Edition, Venice, IT

2022 - Group exhibition, Rossocinabro Gallery, Rome, IT

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