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Friendly society

watercolour painting

70 x 90 cm

Birth of a Prophecy

watercolour painting

70 x 90 cm



Shibìria is a self-thaught austrian artist, and drawing for her means opening a door to another, completly new and magical world within a sometimes unsatisfying reality. Her focus is on color pencil and watercolor – she loves color explosion – and her sources of inspiration are various, ranging from human animals to abnormal beings. The creature-creations that emerge from this arbitrary drawing process can be frightening or exhilarating or surprising – but they are unique and represent a special kind of self-expression. Shibìria has exhibited in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Austria.



I express myself in an unconventional way in order to show what can – or might – happen in one‘s mind, regardless of social constraint, trying to discover the face behind the mask. But – because I am a contradictory person – I want to maintain the pretense as a necessary and perpetuating state of human existence at the same time. 


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