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Shigeru K

Artist Statement

Shigeru K(Shigeru Kobayashi)

I was born in Tokyo in 1959. In childhood, I saw some comics by Osamu Tezuka, and was influenced by him. I was also greatly influenced by my older brother who had an ambition to be an artist and used to draw illustrations and sketches. I was fascinated by the picture of Millet, Andrew Wyeth, Hiroshige Utagawa and Norman Rockwell. But I had no choice of making my living by becoming an artist. After I graduated from university, I got married, had my family and had worked as a teacher for 30 years. As time passed by and my children got independent and started their own lives, I made up my mind to take an early retirement for being an artist. In my world, the main characters are usually people, daily life, and natural landscapes, all of which are praise for human and nature. Happiness exists in people’s daily life and it is beautiful. People are deeply impressed with the beauty of nature. I want to express the feeling of happiness and the great impression in my artworks. I illustrate digital pictures with simple colors and a great impact. I believes that, through my artworks, many people can share my happy world with me.



Shigeru k - Trace of dreams in NY


Trace of dreams in NY

digital print on paper

55 x 40 cm


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