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Merja Simberg 

Artist Statement

I am a painter based in Helsinki, Finland where I live and work as well. I graduated from the ‘Free Art School’ in 2010. Since then, I have been focusing on abstract painting.

The Free Art School’s approach puts an great deal of emphasis on light and colour. I carry that in the creation of my art. I enjoy the working process itself. The intensity and perception of colours inspires me and allows me to create and observe how the colours move, the tensions, contrasts and depth variations. I paint several canvases on the floor one after the other and I do not stick to any certain rule.

I question humanity and try to convey and express my emotions through abstraction. The naming of my work carries a message that plays an important role for the viewer as a mean for understanding my intentions and thoughts “Painting is an adventure where I am an anxious explorer -I want to go for the unexpected!


Merja Simberg Painter, Born in Helsinki 1965  lives and works in Helsinki and Hanko



Free Art School 2006-2010


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2019 “Sparkles On The Sea“, The Jetty Barrcks Gallery, Helsinki

2019 “Washed Ashore“, Gallery UusiKipinä, Lahti

2019 “Bright Days and Starlit Nights“, Gumbostrand Konst&Form, Sipoo

2017 “When The Heart Is Not Enough“, Allergy House, Helsinki

2016 “The Sleepless“, Poriginal Gallery / Poriartmuseum, Pori

2016 “My Home Is My Castle“, Gallery Becker, Jyväskylä

2016 “Home Sweet Home” , G12, Helsinki

2015 "Jalopeuran aika", Naantalin Taidehuone, Naantali

2015 "Sonnets", Gallery Katariina, Helsinki

2014 ”Sounds of silence”, Malmitalo Cultural Centre, Helsinki

2013 ”Spell”, Gallery UusiKipinä, Lahti

2012 ”Drifting Across Bizarre Landscapes”, Gallery Johan S., Helsinki

2010 ”Hold Your Horses”, Gallery Johan S., Helsinki


Selected Group Exhibitions / Collective Exhibitions

2019 Upcoming: Von Zeidler Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2018 Club Militar, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2017 Enokojima Art, Culture and Creative Center, Osaka, Japan

2017 “Art Lounge“, Espoo Cultural Center, Tapiola

2017 United Nations Headquarters, New York, USA 2016 - 2017 The Corinthian Collection, New York, USA

2015 - 2017 BELA Biennial, Cultural Centro de ICNBF, Penedo / Vassouras, Brazil

2014 "Crisis", Helsinki Artists´ Association, The Jetty Barracks Gallery, Helsinki

2014 ”Eight Aspects”, Puristamo, Cable Factory, Helsinki

2014 ”A-M-A!” Love!, The Jetty Barracks Gallery, Helsinki

2013 ”Surprise”, Gallery Katariina, Helsinki 2013 “ Moving on “, Teijon Masuuni, Teijo

2013 ”Pyhäniemi 2013”, Pyhäniemi Manor, Hollola

2010 ”Vapaa Kuvio”, Graduation, Sanomahouse, Helsinki

2008 “Epidemic“, Pori Art Museum, Pori



2017 Milan International Art Award, Theatre Dal Verme, Milan, Italy

2017 Art Goes Kapakka, Helsinki

EXPO MILANO 2015, Spazio Tadini, Milan, Italy, Monteoliveto Gallery


Works of Art in Collections

Private and Public



2018 International Prize Raffaello, Bologna, Italy

2017 International Prize Mantegna, Mantua, Italy

2017 The Best Modern and Contemporary Artist, Berlin, Germany

2017 Prize International Art Milan, Milan, Italy



Finnish Artists’ Association, Finnish Painters´ Union, Helsinki Artists´ Association Contemporary Artcurator Magazine



Spotlight Magazine 8 / 2018

Art International Contemporary Magazine Sept/Oct 2017

The Best Modern And Contemporary Artists 2017

Curated and written by Dott. Francesco Saverio Russo and Dott. Salvatore Russo

AVA Magazine 2015 - 2017 Satakunnan Kansa 22.10.2016, Keskisuomalainen 7.7.2016,

Kaupunkiuutiset Naantali-Raisio 12.8.2015,

Perniönseudun Lehti 25.7.2013, 28.8.2013;

Uusi Lahti 31.8.2013, Etelä-Suomen Sanomat 5.9.2013


SISU - Theme Finnish Movies

acrylic on canvas

130 x 110 cm


Available works




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