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Artist Statement

It's not what you look at that matters, but what you see.. I have been painting since i was 6 years old. Growing up in picturesque Lithuania, surrounded by lakes and forests, my forte is in painting bright colourful pictures that express compassion and positivity. I use acrylic pouring and brushstroke techniques to bring to life my vision on canvas. The pouring technique makes my creativity dance with joy, and sharing this is what my art is all about - evoking imagination in others and engaging with the senses. My art lets me see the happiness in the viewer when they envision their own images alongside mine on the canvas. Such special moments, I believe, must be shared so they can grow.


Kristina Tonev

Working under the professional alias SirK



Transformation Academy, USA ¬ Therapeutic Art Coach ¬ 2019

The Old Art Rooms, UK ¬ Art Fundamentals ¬ 2016

Vilnius College of Design, LT ¬ Hair Design ¬ 2007

Vidiskes Secondary School, LT ¬ A levels certificate ¬ 2006



2019 ¬ Solo Art Exhibition ''Our whole self'', Framlingham, UK

2015 ¬ ''Rotary Visual Arts Festival'', Swaffham, UK



Artist of the month ¬ Dark Yellow Dot, London ¬ 2019

Winner of Visual Arts Contest ¬ Ignalina district, LT ¬ 2006

III place in Art Contest of Young Artists Academy ¬ Lithuania ¬ 2005

Winner of Untraditional Art Contest ¬ Ignalina district, LT ¬ 2004

 Diploma for originality in fashion contest 'We are designers''¬Ignalina, LT¬2004

Winner of Visual Arts Contest ¬ Ignalina district, LT ¬ 2004

Winner of Digital Art Contest ''The colours of my world'' ¬ Ignalina, LT ¬ 2004

Winner of Visual Arts Contest ¬ Ignalina district, LT ¬ 2003


Surfing Universe

acrylic on canvas

60 x 40 cm


Available works




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