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Soha Jeong 

SOHA Jeong Kyoung-Mee has been doing that invisible energy of nature “Gyeol” is contained in the work with three dimensions and flat using the glass and the picture. The starting point of SOHA Jeong Kyoung-Mee art work is observation of nature and it goes natural beauty to art that continually and simply search for nature. Irregularity pattern of observed nature represent to simplify shape, or focus on spatial component. Certain pattern purely and simply express with visible form or volume of nature energy.

Artist SOHA participated in solo and group exhibitions and numerous art fairs in Korea and Europe.

Recently, she was associated in exhibitions; “Fotofever 2019” in Louvre (Paris, France), “Art Capital 2020” in Grand Palais (Paris, France), “Frame Art Fair 2020” in Basel Art Center (Basel, Switzerland), and “Venice International Art Fair 2020” in The Room Contemporary art space (Venice, Italy).



Monthly Ceramic Art Magazine, Korea October 2018 / Exhibition Review & Cover

Yoon Min Hee I Professor, College of Art and Designe , Kyunghee University


Gyeol literally translates as rippling undulation in a textural sense is the definition that best describes the formative language in glass expressed by SOHA Jeong Kyoung Mee. Her work begins around her observation on nature reflecting on her understanding of water, trees, rocks, wind and more Jeong continues to seek out features that inspire her, in particular organic and concise characteristics in nature observation on rippling water, textures on wood, re interpretation of wind Jeong’s glass work gives new life to Gyeol through her own formative language.

The word Gyeol is a pure Korean word that defines textural undulation or wave found in wood or stone It signifies accumulation of layers, symbolizing the flow of time.These create textural effects and we refer to them as a wave of breath, a flow of the heart, an unintentional mind, a dream vibration, a water ripple, an undulation on wood, a smooth stone, a silky surface, a skin layer, a coincidence, a morning break, an afternoon ebb, an evening flow, a sleepy doze and much more. Unlike the English language in Korean Gyeol signifies many nuances. It also means ‘a path that flows by’ or ‘in between flows’ In other words, in the English language it is comparable to ‘while doing something’ or ‘in between situations’, all of which relates to time Jeong originally majored in management.

She worked in an international company and one day she recognized her urge to create something. Entering into the world of ceramics, Jeong studied ceramics and glass at the Department of Art Fusion Design at Kyunghee University Graduate School. Although she entered the creative field at a later age, she has been active and she has continuously sought out for her own identity as a new maker/artist. In 2015 she held her first Solo Exhibition at Gallery IS under the title in 2018 organized by Korea’s leading art magazine 『 Misulsegae 』 For the 2018 Solo Exhibition Gyeol Flowing by>, the main works are 「 Shingal Lake 」 「 Green Barley I,II,II 」 「 Bamboo I,II 」 and 「 Sky Tree I,II . They are like landscape paintings rather than simple objects made of glass. For these pieces, she took photo images and then printed them digitally to use as the background surface to create her glass plates. The relief objects have been made using the cold cast work method. Any work that uses a specific material such as glass tends to focus on function, however Jeong has moved away from preconceived notions to expand the boundary for personal narrative expressions in glass. Traditionally, craft has always classified the different tendencies according to applications of material and methods of expression. She is no doubt a lineage of the manymakers /artists today, adding her own contribution to tradition with her individuality that is not burdened by tradition. She has gone ‘beyond craft’ with her glass objects Jeong’s main pieces in the exhibition, she focuses on wind, wood, water and other forms of tranquil movement in nature. The movements are both serene and dynamic, and therefore balancing out calmness, equilibrium and dynamism jeong joong dong 靜中動. This signifies, breathing in and breathing out where nature oscillates between stillness, then a balance and then movement. These are conflicting differences yet they do not lean toward any one way. Nature works in this way, following the flow and the logic of things.

Working between everyday functional objects and art pieces, Jeong also manages SOHA Art Studio SOHA is the pen name for the artist and it refers to a person born in the summer months. Jeong follows nature as stated in the phenomenon that makes Gyeol. At times quiet and at time vigorously one awaits to see how Jeong develops in the future.

soha - forest



plate glass/soda glass Coldworking and photo

54 x 38 x 5 cm

Available works



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